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1992 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE - Fuel vapor

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HI, I'm new to this forum and also just became the proud owner of the above car. Beautiful car !!!

However there are two problems.

First problem:

When you drive the car with your window open you smell fuel vapor, I don't know how long the car has been standing still in the showroom of the car dealer. The car went already to two Lotus specialist. They checked for leaks but couldn't find any leaks on fuel lines ... They think a fuel tank is leaking but told us that would be very difficult because those tanks are not produced anymore.


Second problem:

The ABS warning light flashes when driving and I've been told that the problem must be within a speed sensor but that they also are not available anymore


Any suggestions more than welcome!!!

Thanks, Marc

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Hi and welcome!


Regarding problem 1 if you search the forum for something like "fuel breather pipe" you'll find quite a lot about this topic. In summary the problem may be due to the rubber seal on the filler cap being perished, the fuel vapour  pipes that link the tanks and run over the top of the bulkhead window have rotted and need replacing, or possibly that the top of one or both of the fuel tanks have rusted to the point where there may be a small hole which needs repair


This thread is typical and includes a link to an article on LEW that you might find useful

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I bought the hose from S J Sports cars and did mine using the guide on LEW

its was reasonably easy but quite fiddly to not break the T pieces .

Stopped the smell, mine was most obvious when the sunroof was open, still get the odd whiff now and then but put it down to paranoyer

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When i bought mine, I had the same fuel smell, just more vague, so rolled down the window, and voila, the smell became stronger. It's down to the cut outs where the seatbelts pass through the bulkhead. As the others said, I also changed the breather pipes which had basly split open a few places., and remember the smaller ones in the sides. No more bad smell. Look at the carbon canister as well.

As the new breather tube kept falling down while driving, I glues a few bits of velcro under the top edge of the c-pillar and likewise around the new breather hose. This way it sticks in place, no problem, and can easiyl be taken down for inspection, renewal, every now and then.

Just remember to loosen the thin carpet above the rear window slooooowly and carefully.


A few companies makes the tanks. There are many threads on here and also on lotus talk. I've got aluminium tanks, and they work very well.


Mine is without abs, so cannot comment on that.


Congrats on your car, and let's see some pics ;)


Kind regards,


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