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I've had "get a Lotus" on my to-do list for, uh, decades and finally added one to the pile of project cars I can't seem to part with. I just picked up a '75 Elite which runs, barely, and needs, well, 




repaired or replaced. Why drag home such a pile of misery?


1) It's a Lotus


2) I fit in it


3) It doesn't have to be "smogged." (in California, cars built in '76 or later have to pass an emissions test, which means the engine and all intake and exhaust bits must remain stock.)


I actually like that it's kind of weird looking and was impressed by the ride and chassis refinement on the drive home. It'll be months before I have the time to really tear into it, but in the meantime, I'll be lurking here and asking silly questions as I gather plans and parts to get it safely on the road--


--as well as getting ready for my planned engine swap...



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Great to see another one being saved. As a purist I would ask you to try and keep it as stock as possible. Its horrible what some people do to the cars!


I'd replace those wheels with the originals for a start! The originals are very retro, which is very cool at present and it helps set the car up in the era it should be!


Anyway, welcome to the forum. Anything you need please don't hesitate to ask!


Lastly, we have a member here called Tocus who breaks Elites when he can't save them. Seeing as how he's in Europe he may have some left hooker parts if you need them. I know they will be scarce in the US.

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Welcome John,


please keep us up to date, and post to the forum when you need info.


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Thanks, guys-- I suppose the first thing I need to get hold of is a service manual! I was poking around on the forum and mention was made of a download somewhere around here. If anyone knows where I can get it, I'd sure appreciate it!



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Great looking colour, what is your planned engine swap ?, as mentioned wouldn't go too far down the modified route but it's your car.


Personally i think the 900 series engine is a gem but i understand yours will have Stromberg carbs ?, in Europe we were lucky to get twin Dellorto's.

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Don't fret, guys-- no shag carpet, chrome dubs or wings in its future. I'm a big fan of bright colors on small cars, so it's probably going to be bright yellow. I'm even thinking that, with so many mostly flat surfaces, I can paint it with rollers and brushes. I'm not kidding! It's just a matter of getting on enough paint reasonably evenly to allow a good 'cut and buff.' It'll have to be a single stage (non-clear coat) paint.


V-8? Nahhh-- dunnit already:


Hopefully the Elite won't take nine years like the Factory Five did!
Anyway, I've had a GTV6 (the Alfetta kind) for (heavens!) twenty years and really want to make this work in the Elite:




An Alfa powered Lotus! What could possibly be better? What could possibly go wrong?


I'm still taking measurements, but it looks like it should work. 


It'll just need a rear sump.


And a gearbox mounted on the back.


Back to the interwebs...

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