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Dash gauges, renovation.

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It is one of those rainy day jobs I wish to tackle indoors.


Dash gauges.


I have the pod out of the car and the gauges out of the pod.

The backings of each gauge is very rusty and the bezels are also very crusty.

My plan is to dismantle each in turn, derust and paint as required.


My question is what can be done to clean the surface of each gauge? (the bit behind the glass)

These look very delicate and I would not like to apply anything that may damage the surface.


Any ideas or recommendations?

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Hi Adrian,


Search for 'instrument seals' on eBay under Vehicle Parts and Accessories - there are several there. I think the MGB chrome bumper ones fit amongst others - there is also a set of 2 + 4 for a Europa but I don't know if the instruments are the same size. You may also need the seals that fit inside the bezels to cushion the instrument glass - you'll find some of those in the same place.


Regarding the instrument faces, I used cotton buds with a little Autoglym interior shampoo but to be honest they were pretty clean anyway despite looking mucky from the outside.


The most difficult job I found was removing the bezels - a bit of WD40 helped.


Good luck, Richard

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Thanks for the heads up. I have put in so many searches and not come up with them. I never thought of a search for instrument seals.


MGB and Triumph Spitfire use the same size clocks as I remember. Europa and Elan I think have different sizes on the two large ones.


I haven't removed the bezels yet just derusted the casings and all the bracketry with a wire wheel and Jenolite. They have come up a treat. Bezels off tomorrow and I will then know which seals are required and if I need to clean the faces.





How are the bezels held on?


The bezels are held on with bent over tabs. A bit of patience and a steady hand to remove and refit.

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Run a Google search for The Gauge Shop and it'll throw up a great site - sorry I haven't got the link but do look it up. They've got everything you'll need and they're really helpful.

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Regular restorer. Rather less reliable forum poster!

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Thanks Dan,

I ran a search and got the site for The Gauge Shop.

They do a meter of the seal at £2.99. I thought not exactly what I wanted but ok with a dab of super glue.

Their £7.50 postage charge killed my ordering stone dead.


I then thought of Holden. This time I found the correct seals at £5.05 plus vat and postage for the set of six.

Again massive postage charges killed it. They even had the cheek to add vat to the postage.


Eventually I searched eBay again and found Danbury Hydraulics.

They do a set of six seals for £5.00 inc vat and delivery.

The seals are not listed for an Elite but a quick email with the measurements established that they are the same seals as MGB with chrome bumpers. I have to mention that the email reponse from Danbury was incredibly quick.


Problem solved and seals ordered from Danbury-Hydraulics.

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It is raining so I am reassembling my clocks.

I am amazed how well they look after a little derusting, satin black spray paint and a good clean.

I decided not to apply any cleaner to the guage faces under the glass as they were clean, just a quick application of a dry artist brush to dust off.

A couple of the small gauges needed a touch up of satin black around the edges which is not really seen once assembled.

Another job off the never ending list.

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Had a disaster with the fuel gauge. When I reassembled the dash pod I was not entirely happy with the look of the fuel gauge.

It looked grubby behind the glass compared to the others.

So out it came and I took it apart again. Someone had suggested that light cleaning with a cotton bud dipped in a mild detergent mix was what they used. Fairy liquid must be strong I used hardly any in the mix (washing up strength).

To my horror the mix removed the 'Smiths' and 'Fuel' printing!

Now it looks no good at all.


Anyone got a spare gauge available working or not? I only need the facia to repair.

I thought I would try here on the forum. Someone may have one with a cracked glass, rusty case or something.

Apparently they were sourced from a Triumph GT6 the only Triumph with orange pointers.

Any help please PM me.

Many thanks,


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Hi Adrian,  I'm certain I have a few instruments incl a fuel gauge up in my loft, came with a leather interior I purchased a while back.

If you send me your e mail address I'll take a photo and describe the condition as best I can.




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On 29. Dezember 2014 at 21:39, dixi4uk said:

A broken one with a good facia would be good and cheap. It was a stupid mistake.

...this also happens, if you use  microfiber rags :cry: I think, if they got damp inside over years... the paint is gone with any mechanic touch...

So, you are not alone... ;)

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