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Roger 912

Windscreen Replacement.

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I don't know whether I have posted this before but even if I have it is worth repeating.


When I purchased my Red Esprit Turbo 10 years ago it took me 5 years to realise that my front windscreen had been replaced at sometime in it past, but being in South Africa where a new one would have to be imported, the windscreen company in Cape Town took the dimensions of the old piece of glass and made a new windscreen out of a flat piece of laminated glass. The fit is so good that if I did not point it out to anyone, they would be none the wiser.


If you look closely, you can see where the glass is slightly lower at the top centre of the windscreen surround. Certainly saved someone a whole pile of

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Does it make any difference?  Assuming you've been able to compare with a car with the correct screen...

The curve on my (I guess correct) screen is so slight that I'd be surprised if it was even noticeable.  I believe that at the time a really flat screen was very cool... however I've often thought that the G cars' glass could be more curved and still tie in with the design (dare I say it better?)



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