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Finisher silver trim

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The finisher trim needs significant cutting to get it to fit. It lays flat on the roof and is rivetted to the roof...silicone sealant is needed to stop the holes leaking....then it curves over and fits down the side of the screen. There are two "wings" to the moulding, at 90 degrees to each other. The finisher has to fit on the roof so that the curved channel fits over the capping your photo shows it 90 degrees out. In your photo, the bit sticking out to the right has to be cut off to allow it to fit onto the roof and take the capping rail.....then, when you get to coming down the windscreen, it's the other bit that gets cut off...the one going to the left in your photo. This allows the other "wing" to go between the screen and the bodywork....and I think that needs further cutting as it won't fit if left a continuous length. I've never done the job iwth the screen out, so there may be differences in your case!!


The capping rail fits into the curved section of the finisher...and the finisher rivets to the bodywork. Needs care, as it's easy to scratch the paintwork during the rivetting process...

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Here's the post regarding - unfortunately the images are gone.


Its on my to do list


If you google 'lotus esprit capping rail trim' some are cached in Google images. 

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Apologies... I must have done some reorganising of the photobucket folders.

should get you to all my lotus pics... wade through 'til you get to the capping rail ones. 

Is there a way to reinstate the correct pics into the thread (tedious... but probably worth it)



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