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I watched a youtube showing an Excel for sale and noticed that when they turned the lights on/off the sequencing was different to my own Excel - and I guess mine are wrong.


At the first twist/click of the lights stalk in my car nothing happens, the second twist/click has the side lights come on, but also the headlights pop up (but not main beam on) the 3rd twist/click puts the main beam on. 


I presuming something is wrong here, some connection wrongly wired. Am I right in saying the first twist/click should bring up the side lights, second the light pods and then 3rd main beam on?

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no. Your car has the normal domestic layout. I would guess, the car you have seen in the video is from Sweden?


I ever wanted to change my SE just in this way, but never managed to do so. The wiry differs from MY 86 to 89 but IIRC it has to do with one fuse on the left side in the near of the dimdip relays...

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