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Help with Clutch Pedal Set up?

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Just got the car back on the road after a gear box rebuild with the Quaife (AKA Derek Bell) upgrade and a Quaife LSD. Also needed I've needed to renew the clutch slave cylinder - So quiet a lot has changed.

Everything seems fine but I'm still not happy with the clutch pedal set up. I have the manual and have followed the measurements and I think I still have some adjusting to do. But would appreciate some input to confirem my ideas.

Can a few V8 owners do me the favour of looking at their clutch pedal in relation to the clutch rest and brake pedal (these two are in line on my car) - where is your clutch pedal in relation to these please??? Above, Below or Same Height, and how much?

That the main thing.

But I'm also curious as to how much slack there is before the pedal starts to do some proper work?

Finally is there an 'up' position stop adjusting bolt on your car and what year?

My car hadn't got an upper stop adjusting bolt and following the changes I had a pedal about 3cm above a level brake and clutch rest pedals which needs me to lift my left foot a lot to get to the clutch and the pedal had a lot of slack in it before it started to take up any load.

I've now fitted an upper stop adjusting bolt and so now have three adjustments options to get the pedal feel adjustment correct. I think I'm needing to adjust the Master cylinder shaft to bring the pedal to the correct measurement range. Knowing where other peoples V8 clutch pedal sits in relation to brake/clutch rest will help me a lot...

Many thanks.


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Mine sits about half an inch above the foot rest. It has about an inch of play before the clutch starts to disengage but it does need to go all all the way down to fully disengage. This suits me fine as in stop/start situations I can actually rest my foot on the clutch, the weight of my foot (relaxed) taking up the slack perfectly, therefore holding my leg, ankle and foot in the perfect contortion for traffic, just before the pedal starts to have any effect on the clutch.

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I really hate clambering upside down to get in the footwell of that thing :P

Anyway, my clutch pedal is inline with the brake, and sits about half inch/inch in front of the foot rest depending on how you look at it.

There's a very small amount of slack in the pedal before it feels hydraulic pressure and then as hedgerly say probably as much as an inch from that before the clutch disengages.


Hey, can anyone smell fuel?????

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