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Need info/help identifying correct fitment for OZ Futura Splits (Esprit S4/S4S/V8...) - Esprit Chat - The Lotus Forums - Official Lotus Community Partner Jump to content


Need info/help identifying correct fitment for OZ Futura Splits (Esprit S4/S4S/V8...)


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Hi All,

I've picked up some OZ Futura 3 piece split rims in the following dimensions:

8 1/2J X 17H2 E13 PCD108/5

now i'm fairly certain these wheels will fit the Esprit but can anyone confirm this ?

Also i need to know what the centre bore is for the models mentioned above (Esprit S4/S4S/V8) - i've measured 65mm by hand - could it be 65.1mm ?

thanks in advance,


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Fronts are 58.1mm rears are 60.1mm This is for S4 onwards. The earlier cars were 60.1mm both front and rear. This is why the fronts on the earlier if you want to put later wheels on need machining.

If yours are 65.1mm then there's something wrong. Are you measuring the right place as it does taper at the end.

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Hi & thanks for the quick reply,

i've just checked again & it's definitely just over 65mm including taking into account the taper.

i was told when i bought these wheels they had come off a TVR,so that probably explains quite a lot !..i assumed with the close proximity of the dimensions (all bar the centre bore) they would fit an S4 onwards..

do you have any knowledge of TVR wheel fitments ? - i've spent a few hours searching the net but cannot come up with anything !



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Actually found out this evening the PCD is 112/5 so i'm on to a bit of a loser all round - eBay it is !

thanks for your help though guys :P

Before you sell them you could consider getting some wheel spacers made , if the spacers are at least 25mm thick you can bolt them onto your 5x108 hub and have the new stud holes on the spacer at 112/5.

The recommended depth for screwing your wheel bolts on are 20mm.

As has been pointed out you will need to check the offset of the wheels to ensure they do not stick out too much from the bodywork.You may have to buy adjustable top links for your rear supension as you will almost certainly have to set your geometry up.

There is some more information on this post :


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