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Elite 501 front wheel alignment I'm going insane

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Hi all,

Having had a new rack fitted last year, I'm convinced that the tyre wear on the outer edge of each tyre has been caused by incorrect tracking ( too much toe in?).


Having had the local tyre place dismiss my car as "too specialist" (a euphamism they can't be bothered  with an old car), I'm having to do my own tracking for the first time ever.


Having looked under the car , it doesn't look like I can do this with the track rod end in situ. There is only one nut which looks like a lock nut. Its covered in rust so maybe I am missing something.

My Lotus workshop manual diagrams reveal nothing intelligable.

Does the track rod end really have to be unbolted from the upright to be adjusted? Doesn't feel right , but then this is a hand built car so I guess anything is possible! 




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No, loosen the locknut and rotate the track rod, you will probably have to grip it with mole grips or the like, I can't remember if there are two flats on the track rod for a spanner. As it is a new rack it should rotate easily .

Good luck

Regards Dan

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Hello. I don't wish to be negative, but it's quite easy to mess the whole steering geometry up if you're not sure what you are doing. You'll need a good level surface and tracking gauge before you start and always make sure you alter both trackrods equally. It might be a better option to find another garage to carry out the work. Tracking adjustment on a lotus is no different from any other car. Hope that helps.

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I would get on the phone and ring around. The first guys you mention above are prats.

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On a related subject, I've recently rebuilt my Elite S1 on a new chassis.  I'm a bit concerned whether I've got the roll bar ends adjusted right, since these seem to locate the fronts wheels in a classic Lotus why-have-two-struts-when you-can-have-one style.  


I haven't finished the rebuild yet, so haven't got the tracking done.  However, it seems very hard to adjust the end nuts of the rollbar with everything assembled.  Any thoughts / experience on doing this?




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