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On 29/11/2006 at 05:41, nello said:

All - as per previous mails - I've taken it upon myself to try to collate a list of Essex cars. This all started with the keen interest in both Lotus F1 / Giugiaro ownership and the fact my mate owns No.17!!

Also as it seems no-one has ever tried to track these cars down................


Here goes. This list provenance comes from a letter from the Factory from J Stuart Allison - the factory records controller dated September 1992. I've tried to gain as much info as possible to confirm and track todays whereabouts speaking to owners etc. and using as much info/articles/books and having kept an eye out for these cars over the last 16 or so years as long as Paul (No.17) and I have owned the cars........


This is a typed copy of the records from the factory complete with my comments on 'where are they now'.

Any corrections/additions please feel free to add mail me etc. Bibs - can this perhaps be added as a 'sticky' topic for interest?


"22nd September 1992


Thank you for your recent enquiry.

I can state for certain that 22 'Essex' Esprit Turbos were built and that I suspect four other vehicles to be 'Essex' cars. There are no customer names against the cars, only the selling dealer. We also suspect that 001 and 002 were existing cars which were re-sprayed.


The first Esprit Turbo allocated to Colin Chapman was 0970GT painted in Silver and finished February 1981.

(Currently owned by Mike Ford UK - Reg.UVF 464X)

I list below the known 'Essex' Turbos with the selling dealer:


Essex Number/ Chassis Number/ Selling Dealer

001 Not Recorded

Possibly THE Bond 'For Your Eyes Only car' Reg OPW 678W. Was for Sale by Coys early 2006. Current whereabouts unknown.


002 Not Recorded

Possibly the car currently owned by Ian Churm Cleveland UK - Reg.MPW 71V. Test car for V8 - Demo for Pinewood Studios for Bond film as resprayed Copper.


003 0902GT Rylands

004 0899GT Goldblatt

Currently owned by Steven Tryner UK


005 0903GT Bell and Colvill

006 0900GT Bell and Colvill

007 0907GT Goldblatt

Currently Owned by Roy Bryant UK Reg.G90 7W


008 0904GT Norfolk Motor Co

009 Not Recorded

010 0906GT Bell and Colvill

011 0933GT Randles

012 0931GT Norfolk Motor Co

Currently For Sale - Bradford UK Reg.VUR 430W


013 0937GT Cubleys

014 0934GT Goldblatt

015 0935GT Bell and Colvill

016 0936GT Vardy

017 0941GT Randles

Currently owned by Paul Dewey Coventry UK Reg.OVU 84W


018 0942GT SGT

019 0943GT Broadway

020 0944GT Cathedral

021 0945GT Norfolk Motor Co

022 0946GT South Africa

023 0948GT British and Guernsey

024 Not Recorded

025 0950GT Portman

100 0949GT Supplied to Mark Thatcher (Margarets Son)

Currently owned by Ken Baird Elstree UK Reg.UAH 27W




0895, 0926, 0927, 0932 were all painted in Essex Blue ahd had full red leather interiors but there is no other indication that these are 'Essex' Turbos.


Yours sincerely,


J. Stuart Allison

Lotus Database Controller."


As you can see by the chassis numbers there are chassis built earlier than some of the official Essex cars so they were not the very first Turbos?!!


Chassis 0962 (Reg.OPW 679W) was Mike Brewers car as mentioned in earlier threads now in the Haynes Museum which was Essex Spec but seems not an official Essex car though Mike believes it was sent to Pinewood Studios.

Mike thinks there were around 120 Dry-Sumped cars......................

I cannot find any details as if David Thieme was actually supplied a car though i have read one was delivered to Monaco. Anyone know which one?


Lets hope this captures a definitive list and perhaps one re-union?!!!! :P

@Veilside I think i found it :) 

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