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Air con compressor on a G-car

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Car: 1987 HCi (Federal car, Bosch injected)

Next driving season, I will have to track down and fix a leak in my car's A/C system, as it is completely empty.

If I find it to be the compressor (which from what I've read is common), is it possible to change it in-situ? From my brief looking around from up top and below, I can't see how, so I would love to hear the procedure from someone experienced.


Thanks in advance!

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I would be surprised if the comp is faulty on my S3 it was pipes rubbed through on the chassis.

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If you are sure its the compressor, yes it can be removed without removing much else. I am not sure about S3 but on a turbo it would probably be necessary to remove the by-pass water pipe which runs under the crank pulley to be able to get enough access to the A/C belt tensioner bolts and the bottom bolt on the compressor. Also the alternator needs to be swung upwards as far as possible after removing its belt and tensioner to allow room for the compressor to come out the top.


I recall I accessed two of the 3 front bolts from underneath and one from the top. The rear bolt is easy.


As Andy says, there are plenty of other places it can leak. In fact on a very old system, using modern R134A, if it needs a top-up every year that would not be a surprise and would be impossible to cure without rebuilding the whole system. 

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