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has anybody ideas/relations to british/scottish tissue?

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Sorry to post a bit of a strange issue: 

My wife is searching for a small tissue shop somewhere in Britten, where she could buy small items of local typical tissues. Has anybody an idea or relation?

thanks, Anubis

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Hi Ritchie,


Can you maybe clarify exactly what you are looking for rather than Tissue.  I know from working abroad much of the time this is one of those words that gets translated badly and in the UK we call a tissue something to wipe your nose usually.  In Brazil it is often your mouth which we call a paper napkin and elsewhere it is wiping much lower down........................ :huh:

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Like Al says. Tissue here is a paper product for wiping your nose or other area's.


What specifically are you looking for. I'm sure we can help if you clarify.

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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I think "Tissue" in this context is going to refer to's the French, y'know! Since I'm currently within spitting distance of the Loire canal,I can't help with finding drapers in the UK....

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sorry.. tissue seems to be wrong. 

Better with "textiles", "product for making cloth or curtains", material where a kilt is weaved for example. 


My wife has a small store where she sells some british stuff (cosmetics etc) . Now people runs after handmade beautycases (or cosmetic bags) and she thinks that it would be good to buy somewhere some "real english stuff". But not tons... just kilos. And real stuff... not vietnamesefake. 




thanks for support

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My target is to find a small shop, who is active in this business and to buy specialities. Not online, just the ordinary way by mail/phone, see examples and then buy this and that. Not a hughe thing, but I search for "specialities". A trip over is planned in June 2015.


What I already found for example, is a scarf made as a finish-racingflag (black and white quadritaleral), those are searched by motorcyle riders here. 


As you see on my photo, we made a bag with Audery Hepburn on it, this is sold like hell to women... So why not something with the Union jack on it, or other stuff woven or anything which is known local, but not internationally.


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