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Merry Christmas ! First Post & Seeking Esprit !

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Hi folks,

First and foremost Merry Christmas & Happy 2015 to all ;-))

Joined the forum as I've come to the decision that I'd like to acquire an early "Stevens" Esprit. Have run various classics and hobby cars over the last 20 odd years including MGB, Spitfire, TR6, various Jags and just sold my Porsche 993 tiptronic as I fancied a change ! None of my cars were mint showcars however all usable and very much enjoyed !

I won't be allocating a massive budget owing to other commitments in the form of a building project etc etc hence my budget sits below 10k hence "danger" territory I suppose but I do like a challenge !

I'm lucky enough to have built myself a decent size ( car and a half) garage a few years back and have a good selection of tools and enough know how and confidence for some basic maintainence which is all part and parcel of the hobby for me !

I did look at Esprits about 10 yrs ago but became sidetracked and bought a BMW 840 instead ! Time to stop messing around and get myself into an Esprit in the new year then !

I'm not fussed between an NA or turbo in fact would probably prefer the NA. White would be the preference colour wise as I think they look really clean and crisp, a dark interior pref black would be great however I would anticipate some re trimming will be required to get that right !

Have been scanning the web for hints and tips on the cars hence any pointers or heads up on a suitable car would be great . I'd rather buy privately from an enthusiast rather than a dealer and actually talk to the person who's been driving the car etc.

Looking forward to the experience and getting out for some driving and shows during '15

Cheers :-)


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Hi Dave welcome to the forum.


The Stephens I believe to be among the best buy at the moment I think as they are still in that awkward period from being a bit too old for a newish car and a bit too new to be a classic. Great cars, great looks and a car that will only appreciate in my opinion. Plenty of advice to be had here. Spend a bit of time reading articles in the Stephens section. A car with a known background maybe of an owner on here is a good option.


Good luck with your quest.



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