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1978 2.0L Engine Performance Hop-Up


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How much HP and performance can realistically be squeezed out of 1978 S2 Esprit?

As I have mentioned, I am very new to the Lotus line, but I have some past mechanical experience (rebuild) with old Mopar type vehicles and I would like to have some input on what combinations of engine modifications/additions that can be performed to get the most Horse Power Punch out of this particular S2 2.0L engine. Pistons, cams, pipes, porting, polishing etc. :P


Bob up in Canada B)

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I think common consensus is you could probably get the 907 to a max of 210 bhp by careful flowing/porting etc. Lotusbits used to offer a head upgrade which acheived this, but to use it effectively required a lot of other engine strengthening work. Anymore than this for a 1978 (S2 probably) starts placing undue stress on gearboxes and the rear UJs which take a battering on the earlier cars due to no upper links (added on S3 onwards).

If you wanted to go more power you're prob better going down the later 2.2 route and swapping engines. Bell & Collville (Lotus Dealer) did their own turbo conversion to a no of S2s in the 1970's prior to Lotus doing their own turbo, however I haven't a clue what they did to the cars.

I am very interested in finding out though as I too want more power, but I also want to keep the car as original as possible (even if only in "spirit"!)




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My basic phylosophy on NA engines has always been:

Properly modified cylinder head

High lift and longer duration cams

Highest compression possible (CR selected depends on cam)

light flywheel

exhaust upgrade

rejetting and ignition recurve.

water injection if needed.

Believe it or not, I used to run 12.5:1 CR in a road going 69 1310 Cooper S which had a pretty radical cam (VP3C) and had no issues on 94 octane and water injection. 135hp and 0-60 in 5.3sec was not too shabby either.

Gary Kemp in UK is the 907 guru...

[email protected]


If you set no goals you shall surely reach them..

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The Lotus bits conversion involves changing the 2.0 to 2.2 head and gutting all the internals to get the max power increase which is 220bhp and no turbo lag. Very nice but probably easier to buy a turbo engine and put that in. Thought about doing it but just like Mat want to keep the car as original as possible. Mike at Lotusbits advised that it wasn't worth just putting a ported polished head on alone.

Each to their own.

Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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