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I wonder if you can buy a car bra for an Elise or any Lotus for that matter. I suppose you can buy just about anything these days. Not that I would fit one to my Elise, They are a bit of a wank as far as I'm concerned. But one thing I think Lotus should look at is... Training lips for new owners. Seriously this would save much in the way of repairs. My Drivers side front lip (right hand side) is seriously damaged and has been since I bought the car. I fibre glassed it and did a rough sand job but within three weeks I had hit another sharp angled driveway. I would say that it was a good five weeks before I became fully conscious of potential damage to either front lip. Now I approach every driveway entrance on an angle and am fully aware of any damage that may occur. A removable aluminium lip with a couple of small countersunk cap screws would be ideal. Leave the training lips on until that period has passed and if they are not damaged just leave them on. If they are damaged fit the spares that come with the car. I'm talking about solid aluminium pieces the shape of the front lips that will screw onto a flat area, not just an aluminium protector. Also any time you damage one or both lips you can order new ones -standard Elise (and other Lotus) lips and just spray them yourself or buy them pre-sprayed for a bit more. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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