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Battery powerboard - any such thing?

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As part of my electrical gremlins fix, it occurred to me how hard it is to find the source of problems since most of the main power cables (barring the starter) are linked together - soldered onto a ring terminal.

There are also now several additional power wires going straight to the +ve terminal and frankly, the bolts is running out of space.


So, what I was thinking was, how about running a large single power line to a distribution board next to the battery with several terminals. Could incorporate the negative isolator switch and plug for the new trickle charger (thanks Santa) to make life easier


Am I simply talking about a fuse box? 

Am I talking nonsense?

I dont want one of those things that attaches directly to the +ve terminal, but something separate, more accessible.


Anyone have one/made one?



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Are you aware of the +ve post behind the windscreen pillar trim? Not exactly accessible, I know...


I don't see much wrong with what you're proposing, but I'd be tempted to use a fused cable to run to whatever board or extra post you end up with. Generic large amperage fuse holders (and fuses) can be purchased from the hi-fi/stereo sections of Halfords or Maplins etc.

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Good point.

No - I wasn't aware of the front +ve. I'll have a look for that but I dont recall refitting any wire there when my shell went back on..


Think I have found something - busbars


So, I will probably make my own board using one of these, a heavy fuse, isolation switch.


If I do, I'll post here.

Any other ideas welcome though

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I don't see a problem with what your are proposing but I would vote for something with a cover, this bus will be live. Where ever you put it you don't want to risk shorting it with a tool or other metalic piece...You need to fuse or the bus or whatever comes out of the bus for the same reason, anything unfused and shorted will burn all the way to the battery.

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All good points Luc,


I plan to place it behind the battery board with a proper cover. I'll probably reinforce the board from just cardboard with some ply. The battery isolator switch can then come through the board, meaning I would rarely have to remove it. The trickle charger jack would also be easily accessible.


Hoping the gear arrives tomorrow so I can start to plan the attack on the pesky parasitic drain! 

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