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Drew Pearce

Owers Manual - '87 HC Turbo (Dom)

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Hey Guys,


I have had my Esprit for 3 years now, and gradually been catching up on some long awaited mantenance, so now looking for some of the non-essential bits :)


Anyone know where you could get an Owners Manual?


Would even settle with a "scanned" version till I found an original


Also, what other manuals / documents would have come with the car?





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Service notes are regularly on eBay UK. I believe although could be wrong Lotus do not do them anymore.

The small handbooks that come with the car also come up from time to time.

Maybe SJ sports cars or Lotus Bits in the uk can help

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I see you have a 1987 Turbo Esprit; mine is a 1986 but came with some documents besides the green leather bound owners manual. For the record, my car was originally purchased in 1986 by a Col. Stephen Holt, who apparently was a US military attache with NATO.


The car was originally purchased, then de-smogged (according to the documentation I have from 1986, "prepped to run on leaded petrol" and the catalysts removed [?], then shipped to Brussels. It was eventually transported back to Lotus to have the smog equipment attached ("Federalized"?) and shipped to Washington state, USA. So, I'm not sure if the three documents I have here came with the European car, or were included just for US purchasers. I am the second owner of the car.


Here are the documents I have that came with the car, besides the owners manual (which is kept inside a green leather folder):


1.)  "Lotus Esprit Removable Roof Panel Supplement"; a single piece of paper folded over to produce a short, hand drawn guide to removing and stowing your roof panel. Printed on a thick, almost waxy paper.


2.) One USA "Maintenance Schedule Except California" legal paper sized document listing mileages to do certain services; same waxy thick paper as the roof panel supplement. Mine has a small coffee stain in the upper left corner.


3.) A staple-bound "Lotus Cars Limited Consumer Information" booklet for Lotus Esprit Turbo, 1985 Model Year Onwards, publication # LSL 253. This booklet's front has the Lotus symbol; the rear sports a line drawing of a Turbo Esprit. The cover is of thin cardboard, probably white when first issued but now yellowed, while the interior paper--one single sheet folded over to produce four small pages--are blue.


The interior says "LOTUS CARS LTD. Federal motor vehicle consumer Information Regulations"


Then below that "Contents" with 1.) Vehicle Stopping Distance and 2.) Uniform Tire Quality Grading Standards.


​I hope that helps. I can easily scan these short documents on my printer and email them to you if you want. 





1986 Esprit HCI (Bosch-injected)

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