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Early Turbo Esprit S2 fuel Injection and Convertible

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It has a turbocharger, although a not exactly stock installation.    

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what for esprit is this??? i am sorry, but its far away from "factory build"

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I remember the pics of this car from a while ago. It is a shame what some people will do to a car to try to make it better...




"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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S1 gauges are you sure it's a turbo?

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Well you might not know that I'm a collector of strange cars.

So I can live with any kind of answers.

But from the few information I have until now it's indicated that this car has much more to do with Lotus as you might expect.

The reason why I bought this car is because:

1. I do not like Turbo blown up carburattors (there for I have a Maserati Biturbo Racing and not one of the early types)

    Expecially I like this not in mid engine cars.

    And I did not want  to drive with the same power as in my Jensen-Healeys or Lotus Elite (II). Therefore an Esprit is to sharped edged for our German Motorways to have low power ...

2. Some details are really terrible made but there is so much done on the Motor that it must be worked out by a specialist.

     And oh man this motor has POWER and SOUND !

3. Well indeed there is no need for Lotus to copy Ferrari but as longer I look over this flat tail I like this much much more that St.Tropez or Kollinger's.

4. And it is a really early Version, See the Gauges and the 4 wheel nuts.

5. Last but not least: Frame and mechanic is in perfect condition (not Jet electric motor and paint) but wait until I have finished this car.

    I'm sure it will be my favourite car for the rest of my live.


And if someone like to talk about Lotus Europa S2 I do have two of them since over 40 years  .




Wolfgang Schupp


PS: Please forgive about some Errors in the language , remember I'm a German mad car enthusiast

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Wolfgang dont worry about your English. This forum is about the love of cars not of English. Your English is far better than my German. :thumbsup:


If you let us know the Vin No. we can tell you when it left the factory and its details.


Im glad you are going to do some work on this car. Make an interesting read for sure.




"Belief is the enemy of knowing" - Crrow777

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Dear Buddsy,


I had already contact with Lotus direct. It's not so easy.

I'm not joking: this car has no numbers - no VIN and no Motor number!


This was recognized 1986 by the UK authorities. They forced Mr. Maddock (the owner at this time)

to give the car a VIN. Mr. Dawson from the Local Vehicle Licensing Office Glasgow

gave the car this VIN SAB LVLO 3066265121 and the Motor number D907E00504.

Both number exist only in the documents and plate in the front and not on the frame or motor.

Lotus gave me the hint to search for the numbers they have in the glasfiber body parts.

Then hey might be able to find something in the archive. I did not look after but will do so soon.

Meanwhile I have found LR003 in very slight letters on the frame.



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I look forward to seeing how your car is constructed, does the exhaust loop under the sump in which case it must be the lowest point? Looks like the throttle body and associated trunking is missing, when did it last run?

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Dear Mark_B,


I think it's an English construction from Ritchies in Glasgow in the eighties.

This car was licensed in UK 1986 with all features the car shows today.

It was then exported to USA (remember it's a LHD) and re-imported to UK in 2001

The car did come to Germany in 2005.



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Dear Wilf


I have a S3 from 1983 this frame differs in several details from that cabrio frame.

I have attached a Picture from the front Suspension.

This Topic here is also to help me to find out what car exactly I do have here.


There are 4 nuts front hubs and not ventilated disk.

As I wrote earlier the Frame has the only readable number LR003.

sorry I have forgotten the picture

here it is


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