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Changing spark plugs on V8


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Zhastaph, yes well written.

Can I add a further point.....

Originally 1996>, the rubber gaskets which seal the plug cover plates on were fitted dry.. However, there is a Lotus Service Bulletin (about 1998/99 I think) that details a problem with water ingress... and recommends that the rubber gaskets be augmented with silcon sealant. I guess your car may have come out of the factory with this/seen proper servicing and guess this should already be evident, I'm not aware of any redesign of the gaskets so I guess they started to come out of the factory with sealant on the gaskets post the service bulletin.

In the UK there are black silicone products available that are designed specifically for high temp automotive/engine/oily environment applications - that's the stuff you need.

The sealant goes all around the gasket and also seals the rubber block that the plug leads feed through.


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Thanks for all your help.

I have compressed air in my garage and several vary lengths of extensions (it is nice to have several short extensions so you can remove them one at a time as you pull the plug out of the Well) including flexible adaptors for the spark plug socket so I should be ok on the tool section.

Just like anything else .... just take your time and go slow! I will pickup some Hi temp silicone at the auto store.

Thanks again.



2001 V8 - Silver

2007 Ducati 1098

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Joey ,

you can get a red hight temp silicon( so it matches yr engine) i got some from pep boys or somewhere like that.

You definately need to make sure that the covers are sealed i kept getting water ingress which caused misfiring! you need to apply sealant to both sides of that rubber gasket.

cheers Andy

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