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Project - S1 re-trim

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Thanks Paul, that makes sense. Probably M5 should do it.

Has anyone got any pictures of the boot boards? In particular where do the small steel angle brackets for the rear boards go? How is the large central board that goes around the battery secured?

Paul, with the 1/4 inch felt on the central tunnel how did you get rid of the Bump in the carpet where the throttle cable and speedo cable go? I have half inch felt on there but will have to reduce it as the trim is too tight.

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Yes I think M5 is correct.


Sounds like your battery is sunk into the floor in the boot? If so, I can't help you as the early cars were different.


I didn't get rid of the bulge and I think you will see it on every car? If I was doing it again I'd re-route the speedo cable over the top of the tunnel rather than having it go down the side.

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Going back to the Nextel portion of this thread, I want to add this data point:

This is a "Federal-spec" car, no clue whether originally sold in Japan or exported there from North America.  But this is the most intact original suede/flocking/nextel/whateveryouwanttocallit that I have seen on the internet.   Not sure if the early (UK Domestic) S1s had this or something different, but this is what I remember and am used to seeing the original fuzzy covering on the tartan cars looking like.  On the other hand, this looks like it might be fabric and not sprayed on?   Can't tell, and can't tell whether it is original or a very dedicated attempt to look like the original stuff.  Might be worth it to reach out to the owner and ask for some close up photos?


- Tony K

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Tony K. :)


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