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Paint mixture - A68 - Pacific Blue

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Does anyone know the the mixing formula for A68 - Pacific Blue paint.  In Canada the paint shops do not have Lotus colours in their charts of colours :(

I am wanting to do some respraying and want to keep the Pacific Blue colour.  They have scanned a body panel and go it with in 3%.  It's not perfect and I was just wondering if anyone new the exact formula for the colour?





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3% it very close, a good body man can tint and blend from that so you will not see the difference.

Any individual formulation will relate to the scheme and paint manufacturer, The closest you will get is the

formulation from the original paint manufacturer Lotus used and then only when using their own product..

Experience over the years has shown me even then it can be slightly out, that's just the way it is, expecting an 

edge to edge match on a twenty plus year old car is not realistic.

Also the paint products used when your car was painted will have evolved so perfect matching is very doubtful.

Another consideration is the application set up. How a metallic paint is applied will influence shading etc..   

So my advise would be to go with the local suppliers formulation in clear over base and blend.

Also take note if any undercoat colour is required with their formulation to achieve the correct tint, a lot

of new paints are translucent so influence by a ground coat..

Most of this information will be echoed by the painter you use, who should have the skill set needed to achieve

the match and finish you require..


hope this helps



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Cheers, mates! 

The paint shop did say, that I would not notice the difference in colour over all.

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