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Mick Bull

ABS light on a GT3

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hi everyone,


not been on for a while but can anyone help with the ABS light!!!


On all the time, no reason for it to come on!


It is a the V8 type breaking system on the later model,


any ideas or has any one got an idea where i can get it checked out around the Nottingham area!


thanks for your help!

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At a guess I would say its a wheel sensor. Unfortunately you need too find someone with a Tech1 scanner, as Espritmon does not work with the later brake system, to be sure.


I would go around and clean the sensors / toothed wheel and connections as best as you can and while you are there take a reading from each one with a multi-meter then compare readings between each sensor and see if you can see a difference. Hopefully that will maybe fix the problem, although could be a temporary fix.


I believe the sensors and getting hard to get, they are handed and one side is unavailable from what I have heard. Now specialists are having to modify the mounting to fit the opposite side. They are often a pig to get out too!


Otherwise I would try Pete at PNM near Liverpool, GST in Newmarket or the factory! Sorry don't know anyone any closer to Nottingham who would have a Tech1.

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thanks for your help,


looks like I have a job to do at the weekend,


i hope they just need a clean,



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