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Hi, My name is Tom, I am 19 and I'm an alcho.......oopz wrong forum! I have recently aquired a S3 esprit. In pieces. lots of pieces. and missing lots of pieces! I'm from Nottingham, er, Thats about it really! I am studying a degree in motorsport engineering but dont really have much experiance with lotus'. My other interests are in Kit cars, Scale model Cars, Old fords, Engines and women. Phew Job Done!

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Welcome to the forum Tom, I hope the carrier bags your car is in are clearly labelled!

Was in the car complete when you obtained it and you got a bit carried away or is it a project? How long have you had it for?

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Well, The story goes like this; (put kettle on, make a cuppa and get ready for a long read!)

Since the age of about 10, I used to walk past a chaps house everyday. On the drive was a 1987 esprit, a Ginetta G26 kit car and another white car that looked of 'indistinguisable (sp)' origin. One day I noticed a for sale sign outside of the house and after the recent demise of my VW beetle (rust, y'know) I decided that being the cheeky bugger I am to go and have a chat about the cars to see if any were for sale. It turns out that the Chap had moved abroad and his daughter was currently living there hence none of the cars had moved for the past 5 years. I bought the ginetta (currently on the way for an MOT) and the 87 esprit was being imported overseas. Turns out the white car was a s3 '83 esprit and had been taken off the road about 10 years ago to be crafted into a diablo replica. The car was bought as a project vehicle by him and therefore I currently own the hacked bodyshell with about 500 kilos of wood and filler, chassis, suspension and brakes, recon gearbox and engine block with only the crank installed. So now I only need to find a new body shell, new engine, interior, instruments, anscilleries, bits, bobs and recon the parts I have. My plan is for a 5 year resto whilst at uni, nothing will be exact, nothing will be 'historically correct' (Just been to the Fast Ford Day at santa pod, those mk1 escort boys are VERY anal about everything!) It's just gonna be my very own supercar, maybe! he money I'll spend I could buy a complete one with MOT, but hey, you can restore anything, even the titanic!! So I will probably have thousands of questions to ask everyone about everything! Did you enjoy your cuppa? Heheh

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B24711.jpg Hi Tom , this is what your car should look like when you have finished putting it back together :) Only an idiot would cut one of these beauties up to make a Dialablow REPLICA :D


Hell yeah!

Wow, there are a lot of us young guys here... (I'm 20). Dude... you're a lucky guy :P

look forward to pics!!!


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Young, yes, lucky, er debateable! Gift of the gab, most definatly! Today is my last day of being a teenager though. From now on I have to be cleverly disguised as a responsible adult! Struggling for somewhere to keep it, so if theres anyone in Nottingham with a lockup/large garage/tent for rent lemme know! Thanks

I will try to scan in some pictures and post them up, although they cant look any more different the the S3 above. Original colour of mine was A33 Ice blue if i remember corectly

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hello Tom

welcome with your Esprit "puzzle" and be happy some guys on the forum has the higther level of :D ingenieurs in the Esprit building and rebuilt.


"Aut tace aut loquere meliora silentio" Salvator Rosa when 25 years old National Gallery London

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