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Freescan shows mph,volts rpm,coolant temp & nothing else


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Can you try freescan on a different pc?


Try another COM port, reassign the USB to another one.  Also try turning off the fifo buffers and the 16550 UART for the COM port.


Where did you get the FTDI adapter from?


You may have some interrupt that is killing the connection (guessing), or a bad wiring, but I'm assuming it is the FTDI adapter.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Thanks for the help.

Its an Iocrest cable that i use but its connected through a 16 pin obd2 adapter to the 10 pin ALDL .

No rxd light active on the cable just the green txd light.This might be the issue.

Fiffo buffers and 16550 UART - dont know about these.

There was a post recently with the same data issue but no follow up with it.


With Espritmon I have no data. I have the graphics page . Do I need to start the logging manualy.

Com port is 7 and correct mode (0).

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Any ideas with this one . Wont display iac, map etc. Just mph,rpm, coolant temp and volts.

Connection is ftdi serial to usb on com 7 set at 100ms.

If you only get this data (which is the regular mode 0 chatter), it is likely that only the receive side of the interface is ok and your transmitted data does not make it to the Esprit side. You need the transmit capability to convince the Esprit to provide mode 1 data (which contains all the info).

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