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Decided to upgrade my coil as it looks pretty old and I suspect it's giving me some intermittent issues. Anyway I've bought a Lucas sports coil, I already have upgraded to electronic ignition. The question is does anyone out there know what the plug gaps can be increased to to gain the benefit of the new coil.



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I use a flame-thrower coil in combination with a pertronix ignition.

When I installed this 'powerful' coil, I played with the plug gaps, but in the end I got them back as they were original for best performance.

Don't get me wrong, the new coil is performing better.


Now if you increase the plug gap, this wil affect the timing settings also.

You can for example get a better mileage, by using a leaner mixture or even responce in the middle rev range, but it may well be possible that by increasing the gap to a certain distance, the high revving will get worse.


Don't forget, by increasing that gap, you will increase the overall High Voltage on the complete system , ie sparkplugs,spark leads distributor cap and rotor etc.... If any of those fail, you will have worse performance.


I think it is wise to leave the plug gap as is.

Now I use iridium spark plugs and those are very constant and strong performers. They cost a bit more, but imho are worth it.



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