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The DVLA managed to register my car a little quicker than I expected so I was able to collect it on Friday. A very special day for me and a very special car. A big thanks to Russell and his team at Lo

GTE #15 has just landed in the south of France  :

THx, I've already passed the information to Komotec. To end the week on a better note, Komotec are certain that GTE #11 will return. Probably better than ever.

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27 minutes ago, TheKevlarKid said:

Hoffman's have one of the factory cars up at 89k iirc.

Edit, well they did have. Give them a call ask if it sold. Think it was Lhd. A Rhd would be worth more imo.

I think that one was sold at auction late last year on but it doesn’t show up on the results page so no idea what it sold for.


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42 minutes ago, Neal H said:

This one is still listed at £90k at Hofmann's.

Used 2015 White Lotus Evora for sale | PistonHeads UK

LHD auto.

If you click "Visit Dealer's Stock" it is not listed there. Only listed on Pistonheads.

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I find a lot of ads on Pistonheads are not refreshed when things are sold until some time later. Same when looking at the classic cars website.

I tend to look at Pistonheads, go, oooh, that looks nice, then go to the retailers own website to get more photo's and details.


Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

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On 20/03/2019 at 14:50, TBD said:


01 CH                                          Blue                  Cognac             LHD   IPS      2+2

02 UK      21gg_                         Blue                  Cognac              RHD   IPS      2+2       21GG

03 UK      domguy                      Black & Gold     Black                 RHD   IPS      2+0        AU64 CJV

04 UK      LotusLeftLotusRight Starlight Black   Sports Racer        LHD   MAN     2+2        X4GTE

05 HK      Sold                             Solar Yellow      Sports Racer     RHD   IPS      2+0

06 HK      Now @Drangush        Starlight             Sports Racer     RHD   MAN    2+0

07 CH      Sold                            Sport Yellow      Sports Racer      LHD   MAN     2+0

08 UK      bingoking                    Black & Gold     Venom                RHD   MAN    2+0       FII0TUS

09 UK       adfer                           Carbon              Carbon              LHD   IPS       2+0      L7VGT

10 UK      BigErch                        Black                Sports Racer     RHD   IPS      2+2       X10 GTE

11 DE      SOLD                           Aspen White      Sports Racer     LHD   MAN     2+0       Rebuilt after acciden, new Owner in Munich area

12 HK      Sold                             Aspen White      Sports Racer     RHD   IPS       2+0

13 UK      JeffK                            Military Grey     Black/Alcantara  RHD  IPS       2+0      J 1000

14 UK     Now @Randy                Metallic White   Sports Racer        LHD   IPS        2+0      V60 GTE

15 FR     sold.                          Arctic Silver (covering chrome red with Black stripe)       Black/Alcantara  LHD   MAN     2+0       temporary french licence plate

16 UK    sold                              Arctic Silver       Sports Racer      LHD    IPS        2+0       

17 BE       sold                            Aspen White      Sports Racer      LHD    IPS       2+0

18 AE       Sold                             Gold/Red           Sports Racer     LHD   IPS      2+0

19 CH      For Sale                       Black                 Sports Racer     LHD   MAN      2+0      Classica Motors S.A.

20 UK     Ishy                         Motorsport Green   Black/Alcantara  LHD   IPS      2+0        NR20GT

It’s been nearly two years since the last registry update. I have made some changes. Feel free to amend where necessary.

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#19 was purchased in 2016 by a Swiss property developer/builder, not sure if he stall has it or not. The price achieved then was CHF 148,000 and the exchange rate was £1 = CHF1.24, so £119k

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6 hours ago, Randy said:

My White car is available at £90K.  IMHO the GTE will be the best long term bet when it comes to valuations... they were/are THE collectable Evora. 

Defo the modern day Essex 

Only here once

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1 hour ago, TheKevlarKid said:

No.17 just come up for sale here, no price give though.

I have PM'd them on Facebook asking what price.

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On 15/08/2020 at 17:47, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

Didn’t one owner (Domguy?) replace his with a wooden one? I think he was damaging it on London speed bumps. Not a problem, now he and his car are in Malta! I also have a recollection that the green Stratton GT at Lotus 70 had a non c/f front lip, so maybe they don’t have any left either.

I would try Mansory themselves. They still advertise the GTE body kit on their website. It won’t be cheap, but at least you’ll be getting the OEM part.

She's back in the UK now.  Managed to get her registered with DVLA before the end of the transition period.  Worst car to have here in Malta!

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