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Fuel line O-Ring dimensions

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I'm planning to rebuild my DHLA45s on my 1990 N/A with some genuine Dellorto kits and I also want to renew the seals in the fuel inlets to the carbs.


Without pulling it apart first (and disabling my car while I try and find the parts) I'm not sure what seals/washers/O rings I need? 


I see that SJ list a 'Sealing washer for carb fuel inlet' (SJ912E0028) and then I see the O ring in the post here. Do I need both for each carb?


I can't see the O ring listed on the SJ site so any advice on where to source the correct ones (if I need them) would be appreciated!


Keen to get this right and not create a fuel leak where I didn't have one before  :thumbdown:

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