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Northern Joy

MY14 Elise flat battery help!

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Good afternoon all,

I went to start the car today and realised I forgot to put on the trickle charger last time I was out Nov 2014. So as you can guess the car is flat and now I can not get into it as he door was locked.

I have searched for a solution but all I can find is that the Exige has remote terminals under the service hatch which my car does not.

Can someone PM me or tell me how to get into my car to charge the battery please? As he key won't unlock the car manually either.

Thank you.

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Found this online, hope it helps :)


A 4mm size allen wrench will remove the screw that holds the front valence on. It is located in the center, under the valence next to the wiper blade post. The corners just pop off and after you loosen the screw you work the section towards the windshield and remove. There are two posts for jump starting under there.

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Thanks bibs, I have already had the front service cover off but there is not any posts for jump starting, only brake fluid and fuse box. Going to phone Murray lotus in the morning and ask the service guys what to do.

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