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How to survive a 2000 mile journey with a newly acquired Elite?

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Yesterday we had lot of fun with Elite, driving from Dortmund to southern Denmark where my father in law lives. Motorways here were much fun, hopping lanes, taking over slow traffic and dodging very f

This is where we started with empty street. Now I'm finally here with my Elite:     Traveling through Finland car lost power just once. I was overtaking a truck in a motorway, quite steady cruisi

I could start a new section called 'epic Lotus road trips'?

:animier:  Great trip, lone!!!


This travel gives great information about the car, and now you can list the work to do next.


The heating problem could be tested at first with a garden hose and a flush of water to the heating core and colling radiator. That helped a lot on mine, with a perfect heating power... but still a poor cooling capacity...


Somebody fitted front seats on a Elite/Eclat from a XJS Jaguar donnor, maybe the backrest is taller...


Remember to check all wiring grounds and connectors related with sartarting/charging/firing... that makes a lot of difference!


Enjoy your car at home  :thumbsup:

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It is shame that I read this story now and not week ago. I made almost same kind of journey in march 2013. Esprit was in very little use before the purchase. We made twice milaege in two days from Horsham to Travemunde (Germany) that car had traveled in last five years. We didn't have  any major issues throuhout the journey luckily.


I took a classic car insurance in advance that covered any roadside assistant/towing.


We made an article about our journey as well ( first issue of Mobilisti 2000 magazine). I can put pdf here as well on monday. Article is in sadly written in Finnish.


Mika, I will reply to your message today later.

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That`s amazing - the Elite can now join my Austin Ambassador Vanden Plas as a rare and entertaining sight in Finland 


I hope I can see your Austin sometime sometime. My father suggested me that I should have bought a Rolls-Royce, but that doesn't really fit in to my small garage. So I did consider Austin Allegro Vanden Plas for a while. They are so adorable with their Rolls-Royce type front grilles, leather seats with piknic tables etc. :)

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Mika, hats off to you and the car, very well done, this just goes to show that our old Lotus does and can keep being as reliable as newer cars. A friend of mine did in fact fit Jaguar XJS seats to his Eclat which gave him the higher head rest and more comfort but I am not sure if it would give you any more leg room in the back. Anyway, keep the posting coming. I have a friend who also lives in Helsinki so I will ask him to keep a look out for you, he has just passed his Finland driving test which he tells me was very difficult.


Well done.

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Great story! i am just reading this to late, other wise you can come over for spares and bits,

or i could help you with your engine problems, great that you have finish the road trip!


but why did you dont bought a LHD car? or did you want a RHD because its a english car?

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Tocus: If I could have chosen, I would have taken LHD car. But there are not many cars for sale and this was right time and right price. And there are cons and pros. For an exotic car, RHD increases the exotic feeling here in LHD country. :) In practice there's very little difference if a car is LHD or RHD, when one gets used to it.


And an update for the status of the car. It's now registered in Finland and has Finnish registration plates.



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On a recent trip from Newcastle-under-lyme to nurburgring in the missus nissan note we had to pull over at least twice to put petrol in:) Great read this Lome - what an adventure. I used to get anxiety going to work and back occasionally in the eclat (5 miles)

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