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Great post Alan.  More of those sort of real world posts would do the technology acceptance more widespread good than most things I've seen written as it comes from a like minded, I was going to say petrol head, but I guess speed/acceleration head, person.


My neighbour has your wife's car model and apart from its rather bland looks (imo) - but no worse than equivalent competition - it is an insane sensation on full chat when I've been out.  He has it as his company is an "Alternative Energy Engineering Company" i.e. they plan wind farms etc., and he felt he should support the cause.  He sneaked up on me the other week whilst I was washing my car with back to his arrival direction.  I just about shat myself when he tooted just behind me!  He was saying that is the only bother he has with it as people step out in front of him or stand in front of him in a car park when he trying to leave etc.  He also says they are also very achievable figures they are quoting for acceleration etc. and very addictive although the tyres may suffer obviously.

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Okay, I now want every new Lotus to come with an 'Insane' button ...  

So after 3 minutes of video he probably has to recharge the batteries. 

I'm very near to buying a BMW i3. When I test drove it, I  was most impressed by the pull away acceleration. I just kept expecting it to stall! Very nice car.  I'm planning to buy it as a company car

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dont knock an electric car until you have driven one. They are stunning.

The tesla is superb - all the looks - great as a 200 mile a day car - and very tax efficient in comparison to another German wagon that's being used to finance the euro dream.

We have a ( don't laugh or poke fun ) Nissan Leaf - it's fantastic for the missus taking kids here and there - but crap at anything over 90 miles. For its purpose however - it's sublime. Depreciates like a stone and does tend burn up tyres when my foots on the peddle!!! 29000 miles in 15 months proves it's a usable car though as long as you know what it's about. The tesla - different gravy - Would love one

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