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Light switch button stuck

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I hope you can help?


I went to turn on my lights today and depressed both light buttons (main lights and bumper lights).


These are the buttons situated on the left hand side of the binnacle.


both came on but when I pushed them in again to release them; only the main lights button popped out.


Is there a trick to removing these switches without having to take out the binnacle?





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Agree. Binnacle has to come out unfortunately. Good news is that the switches are dismantelable and can be repaired.

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Then it's just the speedo collar, some electrical connectors and 4 bolts.



You make it sound so easy, Travis :P (you forgot to mention the black and blue/bloodied fingers).


Be sure to protect the leather on the dashboard and centre console with cardboard, rags, etc.


I have additional wiring for an alarm which I had to cut and fit a quick connector to. The window demist hose has to be removed, too (I think mine is just a friction fit, but perhaps someone has added sealant to yours).


My local leather repair shop showed me a way of removing the bezel from the front, but I think that was just for a relamp (not a switch change). This was many years ago and I've long since forgotten the technique.




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Thanks guys,


Travis I knew I could rely on you to support with details and photos...... thats probably the tenth time you have provided some key information; which has enabled me to progress! :unworthy:  


Binnacle came out in about 10 minutes from start to finish!


Now how do you remove the swtches?


I have tried pushing and pulling but I think that I will need to pull the fascia off!


It does not look like it is held on with screws or bolts but maybe glued on (manual mentions double sided tape)!


Anyone successfully pulled out one of these switches and; if so, what is the best tactic........ I would not like to crack the veneer!


Thanks for all your help



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