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I made one from aluminium sheet I bought from B & Q, using the old one as a template. Cut it out with a jigsaw then bent over a broom handle, holding them in the vice.

The early Esprits used asbestos but I'd be surprised if it was still used on the later Esprits. As the asbestos head gasket was replaced in 1993 maybe the change could have been around the same time when the heat shield part number changed from a B to a C prefix.

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Hmm. I have a stainless plate on one side, but surely alloy doesn't prevent heat transfer?



Perhaps the alloy shields work on different principles other than reflectivity?

I try to keep my shields polished as they get dirty over time. This seems to be the most effective way of deflecting radiant heat. I can't imagine the aluminium sheilds keeping up their reflectivity for long (and they would be hard to clean with their bubbled surface). Perhaps their attachment points act as heat sinks?  Perhaps a large air gap is required on the cold side.

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I think the heat radiated through a flat alloy plate (assuming it's a replacement for the 3mm asbestos-type one), is going to be pretty good. Or bad, depending on how you view it. I had looked at a material called Firefly non-asbestos millboard, but haven't yet made any inquiries about getting a piece small enough to suit as yet.

As for the proprietry heat shields such as in the link, I'm sure they do what they're supposed to, but I just need a piece of 3mm board to replace what I've got.

Margate Exotics.

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