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Question: Lotus F1 car race number fonts (1983-1994)


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Over the past few months I have been creating illustrations of the F1 cars raced by Team Lotus during the 1983-1994 seasons for a book I have been writing on the team covering that period.


While I have been able to find (or recreate) all the relevant sponsor logos, I am struggling to find which fonts were used for the race numbers during that period.


Can anyone out there help me with this???



Type 92




Type 93T




Type 94T




Type 95T




Type 97T




Type 98T




Type 99T




Type 100T




Type 101




Type 102




Type 102B




Type 102D




Type 107



Type 107B




Type 107C




Type 109





Neil White

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hi Neil

great illustrations , seems to be sparse information available on the last cars 

I can let you have photos of original rear wing end plates and Bonnets from the post 1990 cars showing the numbers , I think the Fonts are custom to Lotus let me know i can send or post a JPEG .image .


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Thanks to you all for your kind comments about my illustrations.


Since my original post back in February I have managed to recreate all the numbers, so please find the finished cars below:


post-9909-0-66780700-1441801458.jpgType 92


post-9909-0-10074900-1441801527.jpgType 93T


post-9909-0-43719900-1441801637.jpgType 94T


post-9909-0-80258900-1441801801.jpgType 95T


post-9909-0-24102000-1441801858.jpgType 97T


post-9909-0-20693800-1441802011.jpgType 98T

post-9909-0-86633300-1441802044.jpgType 99T


post-9909-0-95015300-1441802075.jpgType 100T


post-9909-0-36809900-1441802109.jpgType 101


post-9909-0-90260800-1441802142.jpgType 102


post-9909-0-53366900-1441802175.jpgType 102B


post-9909-0-39204900-1441802221.jpgType 102D


post-9909-0-60235200-1441802255.jpgType 107


post-9909-0-59307200-1441802292.jpgType 107B


post-9909-0-36883100-1441802318.jpgType 107C


post-9909-0-83807700-1441802340.jpgType 109


I have also built a 3D model of the unraced Type 103 design if anyone is interested in seeing it.





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would love to see the 103  , who was the designer ? 

the 107C  should have the gear change blister as per the 107B, although the 107C had a paddle shift on the steering wheel 

the blister was kept in case the sequential gear change failed to work reliably . also on all the 107s and 109 the green headrest would probably be visible in profile .

you will have spotted I am being  hyper critical of your very fine artworks , I for one would purchase an  A4 copy from you ...



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Thanks for your reply Ben


I never noticed the gearchange blister on the 107C, mind you the best quality side views I had of the car were of the other side, so that's probably why I missed it.


I definitely add that detail now, along with the headrests, which would also need adding to the 101 and 102 series come to think of it.


If you're interested in a copy of the artworks, send me a message and I'll see what I can do.



The 103 was designed during the 1990 season, so would have been the work of Frank Dernie and Frank Coppuck. Work on the car was stopped due to lack of money after a full mock-up was built, along with production patterns of the monocoque, nose section and front and rear wings.


My interpretation comes from a general arrangement drawing I was sent, along with photos of a scale model.
For the parts that the drawings and images didn't show (basically the rear view) I looked at the 102 and Frank Dernie's 1992 Ligier design for inspiration.







Hope you like it...


My next project is the Type 112 that would have raced in 1995.





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Hello Vulcan Grey, thanks for your message and the wonderful photos.

The Tommy Hilfiger logo on the side of the cockpit was much smaller earlier in the season.

I've based my illustration on the car as it was in the San Marino GP, which is also why the Komatsu logo is a different font.

I'll post a photo later.

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Epic thread chaps, love seeing these pics :thumbsup:

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

For forum issues, please contact the Moderators. I will aim to respond to emails/PM's Mon-Fri 9-6 GMT. 

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Stunning graphics of the 103 .

Thought I would add a couple of photos of the 107C  shows the headrest and gearchange blister.

looking at 1994 photos, the 107C seemed to have a different livery layout at every GP 

has anybody any other photos of the late cars ?





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Hello Travis,


Nice pics of the 102 of the Barber museum in Alabama. Lovely car indeed, but this is NOT a genuine 102B, it's a 102D (I believe) put into a 102B livery, but it does not even have the right body top. I talked about it with mr Clarke from the museum and he said who would ever know ;-) Well somebody does :-D



I have some of my photos of the 102b here.


You can see the Hillfiger logo is half covering the gear change blister





Calypso Rose Rules the World!

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Lovely drawings Neil, as Ben said almost every GP the 107C's livery was somewhat different. But also the 107C started the year with a long diffusor, but Ben's car has the diffusor of the post Imola diffusor, which is cut off at the rear wheels following the accidents of Ratzenberger and Senna. So you don't even see the diffusor in a side view.


And there was a 102C as well if you want to be that complete as you mention the 103 as well.

This 102C was effectively built and tested on track. ;-)

Edited by Exploded

Calypso Rose Rules the World!

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Thanks everyone for all the info and kind comments.


After seeing 1994's superb images of the 107C I have tweaked the shade of green on my illustration slightly, as well as adding the headrest and gearchange blister (see below):




I would love to do an illustration of the 102C with the Isuzu engine.
I know there were bodywork changes to accommodate the engine, but I've no idea what they were, so anything I created would be pure guesswork unfortunately.


Also, here's the Type 103 in front of Ketteringham Hall. I e-mailed the hall asking if they had any high quality images of the building they could send me, but I never received a reply, so this is the best I could come up with from a Google search:




I agree with you completely Bravo 73, it's a crying shame the car never hit the track.





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Exploded is correct , the rear undertray was cut forward of the rear axle, so no diffuser ,this removed the undertray link to the rear wing endplates, which caused the wing failure after Monaco, the 109 has  wire cable links from the gearbox to the endplates to steady the rear wing .

The front wing endplate was also cut back to the front of the tyre at the same time so the picture shows an early front and later rear .

The Mugen V10 engine was narrower than the Ford V8 so the upper chassis tub and engine cover on the 107C 

was narrower than the 107B , you can see the taper in the chassis start just behind the mirror position. 

the smaller fuel tank volume was sorted by the introduced refuel pitstop . 

I think Neils 103  graphic should at least end up on one of the Lotus magazines front cover .




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Also, here's the Type 103 in front of Ketteringham Hall. I e-mailed the hall asking if they had any high quality images of the building they could send me, but I never received a reply, so this is the best I could come up with from a Google search

Believe it or not but I live a stone's throw away from Ketteringham Hall. Send me a PM with what you're after and I'll see if I can pop over and take some shots.

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