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Hi Guys,


just thought i share some pictures of my new Exige V6. Its currently 3 days old and i have since done one hill climb over the weekend. Came from multiple Lotus ownership the last one being a CUP 260. 


To date i have done the following:


1) Invisible Shield from protection film

2) Windscreen protection film

3) Interior tinting-photochromic

4) HID

5) LED rear plate lights

6) Exterior detail and polish


Currently the car is in the process of installing the CUP decals. Looking forward to getting it back tomorrow. 













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Great colour, the car looks ace! 


What HID solution did you find? I've always found the headlamps on the Exige to be woeful! 

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Drove once at night and i could barely see the roads, the light beam spread on the original halogen is quite focus and narrow.


The Exige V6 runs on a new bulb type (9005) i think. Have fitted an aftermarket HID conversion kit including the ballast and wire harness, its a 30 min job and plug and play.


Yet to test it out at night but from my previous experience its twice as bright and almost a 180 spread in front :)

Check out the video of my first drive with the Lotus owners.


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Very nice V6, congratulations. I'd be interested to hear how you find it compares to your Cup 260 when you have had some more time driving it, as I was certain I was going to upgrade to a 260 from my 220 S2, but the pull of that V6 engine was too strong.

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Arun I lived with my cup 260 for over a year and in that time clocked about 15,000km of mixed track days and hill climbs. The immediacy of the responds and the directional agility makes it stand apart from standard exiges. But at times the harsh suspension really gets to me especially when your not in the mood to drive it 10/10. The first 30mins of driving the v6 I thought to myself I may have made a mistake, the v6 feels heavy and pulls a little and makes its extra weight and wider tires know to you. The steering is also very heavy especially at lower speeds and makes me wonder why lotus did not fit an assisted steering. But the torque is immense and anything above 50% throttle sends it rocketing forward and knocks you into your seat. An hour into my first drive and after a fewmore winding roads chasing 4 cylinder exige and it grows on you more. Your able to rocket the car out of bends even before the front straightens up. At the corners it's ascommunicative as the cup and slide is progressive, something that I really liked in the cup260. So after a full Sunday run I can safely say that the v6, moves the game along and set the bar even higher. It does take a little while to get use to especially after spending so much time in the 4 cylinder lotuses. Can't wait for the weekend, and will post some more pictures soon.

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Thanks Chris for the detailed response. Yes, I have had concerns as well that I had maybe made the wrong decision, as I loved my S2 so much, and thought the Cup car would be the only choice for me,  but I am sure with more miles in the V6 on the road and once I start doing trackdays with it (something my S2 Exige did a lot of) then I will see how much of a step on the new car is.

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Don't think for a moment that the S2 is any less special because of the V6. I think S2 owners can expect to miss their cars, even with a V6 in the garage. I will always miss my S2 Elise.


The four cylinder Exiges were unique in their day and they still are. No-one else makes such a light, compact, concentrated, track day car - not even Lotus (though I would like to try the new Elise S Cup)! They combine the responses, tactility and running costs of a Caterham with proper weather and side-impact protection and can make a Honda S2000 or Boxster feel ponderous and clumsy.


If I could, I'd have a Cup260 or RGB as well as a V6 (and an S1 of course!). The high prices they command means I had to choose one or the other and the V6 gets the nod as it retains just enough of what I loved about the S2 plus adds another level of performance.

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Well put, Jonny.


The two specific S2 variants you mention were what I had convinced myself as the only options for me to go to after my 220 S, even after driving the V6 a couple of times, but I eventually warmed to the same logic you described at the end of your post, and went for the new car after much deliberation. No actual regret, and I'm very much looking forward to taking the V6 on its first trackday with LOT at the end of the month, but I do miss my S2 an awful lot. Special cars.

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Hi guys I washed the exige yesterday and while it was running I could hear a faint hissing vacum sound coming from the supercharger block on idle. Cant be heard once cover is closed. Any idea on this?

Any exige owners can verify this sound? Never really noticed it before as not audible with rear hatch closed.

Gonna be driving this weekend with the guys, will try to post some pictures and videos.

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