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Tell me about how the esprit was made

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Hi guys,


I'd like to ask if anyone here is familiar with the manufacturing process for the Esprit and how it evolved over the years.


A bit of background to let you know why I'm asking might be in order. I'm being laid off from my job at the R&D department of a whitegoods manufacturer and decided to re-visit an old idea I had of being a teacher. Well, as luck had it, not only was I accepted for the courses I need at the university, right at the beginning of this year I was offered to jump in as a subsitute teacher. The subject I'm teaching in translates roughly to "manufacturing knowledge". With only half the course left for me to actually teach my students anything (other than the history of mass production which is totally pointless) and given how the goals for the subject were set, I decided that informing them of different manufacturing processes (sheet metal forming, fastening methods, moulding, plastic injection moulding and so on) and discussing their application (which method and why) would be the best approach. But I need ideas for these discussions and figured the Esprit (and the Europa) would be interesting to look at and discuss. Might also be useful for discussions on marketing (which is another thing the course is supposed to cover).

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There are a couple of good books. It would take a bit of a job to write it all out!



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Wasn't there a whole photo essay on the assembly of the final esprit, I think

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