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procedure of taking all coolers down (for dummies) ;) ?

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Hi all,

After flushing the cooling system on my 1990 SE, I wanted to begin to take of bolts and nuts, to free the main radiator, and clean it up. Many bolts broke off. Arhh crap.  I've spent most of today reading old postings, but as I am not educated on cars, and the Esprit is rather new to me, I need a complete how to for dummies, to take everything off in the correct or best manner, and lift everything Down and away. Posts seems just to be for the knowledgeable, and not a beginner.

So, I have the front end over a grave, and can Work a bit from underneath.

I've studied Service notes and parts list, but there's really not much help there. To me at least, it seems as if some chapters were written by a blind man at the Toyota factory - not much relevance to an Esprit... ;)

For example, is it obligatory to try and save the oil coolers, by cutting the rubber hoses and insert a metal tube and some tightening clips in advance, instead of trying to free the hoses as one would normally do?


I am hoping for your patience  ;) Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,



ps: I've been shopping some stainless A4 today, so have them ready.

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None of my bolts or hoses were rusty except one bolt to the oil cooler...  So this may not apply to you...


But soak all the bolts and cooler fittings with PB-blaster or similar.


This is all from memory, so I may be forgetting something....


Remove the oil cooler ducts and air horns.

Loosen the oil cooler fittings

loosen the oil cooler bolts (I usually remove the headlight motors to make this easier)

remove the fog lamps

LOWER and pivot the oil cooler to the side, DO NOT FORCE them!

Drain the coolant out of the radiator and the charge cooler.

loosen the pipes to the radiator and chargecooler

Disconnect the radiator fans electrical connectors

Remove the angled bracket supports.

Place a jack under the whole radiator package

Support the radiator package with a jack.

loosen and remove all the radiator bolts 

carefully lower the radiator package on the jack (watch the AC hoses, they will get stretched, so you have to stop and pull the AC condensor and chargecooler aside before lowering the radiator package all the way.


Lots of photos here

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Thanks Travis. I am passing the car twice per day soaking all the remaining bolts in wd40 or similar for a few days.

Then we'll see.

I have no idea what PB-blaster is?


Kind regards,


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