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Running in the LF1


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So I've had the car a couple of weeks and put around 750 miles or so following the recommended running in procedures and so far so good.

A few observations Ive made good and bad as follows.

Firstly headlights are woeful! I live out in the sticks and the first time out at night I thought I was on sidelights not headlights. Secondly the A/C I've no idea if its on or off at anytime, the indicator is a very poor effort by Lotus I'd say inexcusable. Oh and that squeezing bloody roof is driving me mad.

On the upside the car as far as I can tell so far is plenty fast enough it's lost none of the precision that the earlier Lotus's I used to have had. The brakes are great and it feels well nailed together. Fuel economy seems reasonable which is a good job given how small the tank is, it's a long time since I've filled a car up for less than £40 quid.

Looking forward to getting the service done and pushing a little harder, just need to resolve some of the above issues.



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The headlights have been discussed on here before and a chap in Malaysia has fitted HID's which are an improvement. The AC button illumination is dire too, not sure about a solution for that but the squeaking roof can be fixed easily enough by your dealer at the first service. 

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I share your sentiments on all of your points on the V6 . It's a deserving wearing of the Lotus roundel, but has some minor foibles. 


Running-in service for mine tomorrow, including sorting the squeaky roof seal! Had to spray some WD40 in the fuel cap lock mechanism yesterday, as they key has always been very difficult to get in and out, but that did the trick.

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It wouldn't be a Lotus without a few foibles - Perfect cars are like perfect people, a bit dull :yes:


I don't have a major problem with the lights, I think I must have gotten used to dim Lotus lights over the years!


Mine is a Roadster, but it has a hard top fitted and no squeaks on mine, so it must just be an adjustment thing. That said, I can't wait to get the hard top off and start enjoying this car topless.


726 miles on mine, so I'll soon have the 1st service out of the way as well - can't wait!


Sticking to the running in schedule, I'm averaging 27mpg at the moment which I think is pretty impressive.

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Silent indicators that's another one! I also think the reverse parking sensors are a bit poor. Mine seem to have a mind of there own!

True but the noise they make reminds me Steve Austin's bionic eye so I like them. (You need to be a certain age to understand this!)

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The squeaky roof, at least on mine and another members v6 here (dixie), was due to the black thingys where the soft/hardtop is fixed into on the left and right side of the roll hoop.  The fix was to remove them (one 6 hex/side iirc) and put some padding between them and the hoop.


AC indicator is indeed very poor... someone here by accident scratched the button and now light does come through :thumbsup:

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I think you'll all find you're having too much fun to notice these things once the cars are run in!


It's only because you're going slowly that you have time to care about the aircon buttons. It must be an easy fix and I'm surprised Lotus hasn't done it by now but really, it's not a major issue, just a minor disappointment that gets forgotten about as soon as the tacho swings past 5000rpm!


Any and all squeaks can and should be fixed at the first service. I'm encouraged that so many Lotus owners bother to run their cars in. Very few Ferrari and Porsche owners have the patience these days and I'm not sure it's possible to be a proper Lambo owner if you ever read the owners manual. Most sports car owners are on the limiter before their even out of sight of the showroom!

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Hi I am the chap from Malaysia that fitted the Hid, went with a 8000k set which looks awesome at night but not much spread and light. Changed to a 4300k setup n much better on brightness, almost double the original. The issue I have now is on the spread. At night theres two very narrow light beam and pretty much dark everywhere else.

The AC button is the stupidest thing ever!!!!! Cant tell if its on or off and I have to hold my hand at the vents till I can feel cold air to confirm its on!!??##*[email protected]

Also got a persistent squeek behind driver seat. A fix to do over the holidays

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I accidently scratched a bit of the markings off the a/c button - can now tell if it's on (just).

That said, if the windows mist up I know the a/c isn't on. Easy.

Mines also a roadster with a hardtop and I also don't have a squeaky roof.

Silent indicators I can live with - headlights also to an extent.

It's a great car though - whatever little issues it has (and I hope they stay little!), and I look forward to driving in better weather...

' makes every other roadster look just a little bit cissy...'

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