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Need your advice on brakes...

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Over the winter the brake calipers have glued to the discs in the wet a few times including a call out from the RAC to unlock them...

Since then on heavy braking there is shuddering, maybe ABS sound, and the front wheels squirm under braking. Doesn't feel quite right!!

It was back at B&C for some warranty work and they could find nothing wrong with them. Under normal braking it seems fine. I may be paranoid and not remembering what it was like before.

Any advice welcome or anyone who is happy to do an emergency stop or two for comparison.

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Which pads do you have?

You probably have an uneven transfer layer of pad material. You should follow a pad bedding process to clean them up and transfer a new layer of pad friction material to the rotor.

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If B&C have looked at them I doubt the following will help but after a track session with lots of heavy braking I had a strange vibration under braking a bit like your description.  My local dealer MMC diagnosed it as pad transfer or some such term like Vulcan Grey is saying and it basically required the pads cleaned up and all the cross drilling holes drilled out of caked up dust which wasn't dissipating and then that in turn caused more pad transfer.  All it took basically was wheel off and a De-Walt or similar with the right sized bit in it and zip round all the holes in the disc through both sets of holes.  I've done it myself again since then and it seemed to help.  ......Just watch where you are drilling so turn the disc so nothing behind when you pop out the other side!  That plus a quick emery cloth on the disc faces.  I had been half expecting much worse. 


When you say pads glued to disc are you talking about in use or after being left?  I have left my cars sitting for 4 weeks at a time unused due to job and always put away dry and brakes fully up to temp.  No handbrake on and in gear, trickle charged etc.  99% of the time I get home and car is fine with only the slightest sticking and graunching sound for first few brakings until all cleaned up.


However this last leave I had my discs stick in just a few hours as well one day when low temps and sleet.  Freed up no problem.  Next time it happened after not using it for 2 days put it away wet and all 4 had locked on.  Rears freed quickly and 1 front eventually before I literally reversed out of garage with 1 front completely locked so I could get access to it as sods law the one close to the wall.and it would not would not free with usual rocking etc.  It eventually did release being brutal with it.  That was just before leaving 4 weeks ago so come Wednesday night if you hear a cursing and wailing from Central Scotland you will know it's done it again!.

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If they are rumbling and the heavy brake technique doesn't work then have them skimmed. Mine did exactly what you described and are now perfect. It might be what's been described in previous posts or a very slight warp. If your steering wheel vibrates then it maybe your front disks, if your peddle pulses it might be your rears. I had all four skimmed for £240. Problem gone :)

A slight warp can happen by just one heavy brake on cold disks.

New disks are the obvious way to go and lotus recommend this over a skim which they don't recommend.

To give you some confidence Porsche main dealer garages use this equipment!

My brakes are also binding more than normal in this cold wet weather. As has already been suggested mine too bind less with the handbrake off..

Hope this helps ;)

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