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Stage 3 on 2013 S/C Elise

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Seen a car with a Lotus Stage 3 Exhaust on it, what I am not sure about is the DB it kicks out on both a static and driveby google has failed in so far as it could be as low as 98 or as high as 106 seeing as every 3 db is double that's quite a jump.

Anyone have one fitted, had one fitted and some real life readings

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Mr D, I was concerned before a Goodwood track day as with the TRD intake too (which might give a little greater through flow) the Stage 3 exhaust does make its presence heard. But Jamie at B&C assured me it would be ok and he was right. Measured at 98 dB and no problem. Of course meters vary and so do test techniques, but 98 dB gives plenty of leeway for a higher reading.


"Stage 3" as a name sounds as if it may be pushing the limits, but B&C tell me it is simply the name for the Lotus specified correct "performance exhaust" for the current S engine.

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In the world of VAG the stages are incremental so a stage 1 is the first mod then 2 then 3 so the name does indeed sound more like it's the most extreme, 98DB is ok and good to know.


Thanks for the info it also turns out the car I did in the passenger run in last week and is the picture in my avatar had a Stage 3 and that too measured 98db at Oulton.

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Sorry to bring up a 5 year old topic 😂

I have a 2016 Elise sport (with the 1.6 220 2ZR engine). 

Is this the same engine as the one discussed here?

I am considering a trackday but the noise limit is 103db in flyby.

I have a stage 3 Lotus OEM exhaust and CUP airbox

Will I be okay ?


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