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Its been a long time coming but finally....


The question is do i keep it the same colour?

Apparently everybody that comes into the paint shop is saying spray it white!



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chrome orange

The best colour is right here, next to this text. While I personally prefer Calypso Red (who could guess that?) and that is the best combination with Magnolia interrior, I do like other colours as wel

Another chrome orange vote here.

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Black :D

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Ooh, tricky. Pacific blue is a good colour, but could be accused of being somewhat dated. Azure blue would bring it up to date. However, when you picture Cliff's car then white does seem a reasonable suggestion too.





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The shuts haven't been done yet I suppose that depends on whether I change colour or not?

This will also put the price up!

The misses just pointed out that spraying it white with magnolia interior would make it look like a baked alaska.

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I liked the original colour Punky :)


Doesnt need bringing up to date, Its not a new car, tis a classic  :smoke:

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I did go through a period a while back where I fancied gunmetal grey!

I think this is Carbon Grey.




I do love grey!  I get tons of compliments on my Vulcan Grey Esprit.  That is Carbon Grey.



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I've been thinking of going dark silver the paint code is RMG245C, but I did like your original blue

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The best colour is right here, next to this text. While I personally prefer Calypso Red (who could guess that?) and that is the best combination with Magnolia interrior, I do like other colours as well. I think that White, being light, smart and all, will look terrible with the interrior, unless you want to colour that too, say Black. Indeed your better half is right.

The pacific blue is really good too, and Works well with the Magnolia leather.

Crome Orange is a super good choice, because it stands out to all the wanabe cars, that try hard to be something they can never be, even with 22" Wheels and tons of spoilers and 50.000.000 watt stereo plus the obligatory 8 fat exhausts.

The Crome Orange makes the Esprit shape come into it's own right, and catches the light in a really great and unusual way. White and Black can never do that, and deletes the beautifull shape of the car. There are White and Black cars out there from all those people who think that their White audi is a sportscar or their Black audi is a limosine. White is a girlie colour ;)

The Magnolia leather is probably not the best colour for Crome Orange.

But Crome Orange have that special feature, that it never looks dull, like most other colours. It catches the light and really stands out from the crowd. Many colours looks great in bright sunshine in  the Summer on the curvy road along Lago di Como in Northern Italy, but the fact of the matter is, that most of us are not there, but instead in a semi industrial rainy grey looking landscape somewhere. The Crome Orange looks good in natural light, sunshine, rain, cloudy skies, evening and nighttime, plus of course under streetlight or neonlight. Not many colours do that.

Crome orange will make you think: "wauw, I am cleaning this Little corner around the door latch, and it looks really good"! Not very many colours can do that. And it really looks good, when you open the rear or front hatch and see the Crome Orange in contrast to the carpeted compartments. Like I said, it makes the beautifull detailed shape of the Esprit stand out in a most positive way.

I vote for Crome Orange!

The Esprit is a special car and deserves a special colour! No matter what you chose.

Best of luck. I am looking forward to seeing it finished )




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Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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In white the Magnolia interior would tend to look dirty. The esprit can take quite a loud color and pull it off as Jacques enthuses


Chrome Orange is a tad loud for me. White with a dark interior looks good.


keep it Pacific blue

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Hi Andy,

If you are ever planning on selling, anything except the original colour would damage the resale value IMO.


I think the blue looks great and would keep it unless you have a serious dislike for it.

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The original colour looks fine to me, but it's your car and if a change reinvigorates your interest crack on.


What about that Military Grey that looks so nice on Exiges? Good excuse for a future retrim in red :devil:

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Another chrome orange vote here.

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