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Hi all

Put new bushes on the gear linkage but since then occasionally it won't select first gear, almost like it's nearly in but jumps out. Re doing it usually gets round the issue. Any ideas what I need to do for a permanent fix



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If it's a linkage issue, then you can fix it by adjusting the tubular linkage so that first and second gears both engage properly. There is a threaded adjustment at the rear where it goes onto the gearbox selector lever. Another of the wonderful Lotus iterative processes....

If it isn't a linkage issue, then it's going to be rather more complicated....and you'll be up to your elbows in gearbox innards....! Might be the 1st/2nd gearbox selector moved on it's shaft (unlikely)...or the detent springs....

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Why did you put new bushes in the linkage in the first place Mark? Were you trying to fix a selection problem in the first place?  One thing often overlooked when dealing with a gear selection problem is the condition of the engine mounts, especially the one by the exhaust manifold. When they degrade/melt due to heat it can cause problems selecting gears, often reverse though.

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