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Lotus Elite S2 Handling 1962

Toni D

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Hi All,
 I have a 1962 S2, is it possible that you can let me have what you think works best for suspension and steering settings please, at the moment the car frightens me because I can not drive it in a straight line, it wanders and very little input into the steering makes it weave, then I correct and it goes to far etc,
Everything is rebuilt, no loose wheels etc, I think it is just setup ?? or diff mounting too flexible.

Hard tyre pressures did improve it.

Any help would be appreciated,  :unworthy:

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My climax elite suffered from similar behaviour. Turned out the rear wishbone ball and cup had degraded. Apparently this is a week area that needs grease regularly.

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We had this when changing tyres, what tyres have you got on and are they matching?


We put two Toyo tyres on the rear with Michelin's on the front and above 30mph the car would go in a straight line! Fitted Toyo's all round and it was fine.


This certainly worked out as a cheap solution for us. It may or may not be of help to you :)

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Hi All, Yes thanks,

As suspension and handling has always been of more interest to me than engine power etc, I went back to some test driving and understanding what suspension I have here and how it works.

Basically start with the book settings then go my own way and make adjustments, toe, tyre pressures & damper adjustments until the car works properly.

I have now transformed the car from one that really  frightened me to drive to one I can race around and stay on the road !

This car had a lot of expensive suspension stuff put on by its owner, including replacing the rubber with spherical rod ends and now is a harder ride than a standard car however it was not set up correctly in my view.


Re tyres, it has Vredestein 155 x 15 , I haven`t tried any other make yet which might work better ? but what I am pretty sure of is if you want your car to handle well and predictably do not mix and match different makes and quality tyres.


So more improvement i`m sure when I next get my hands on this one, more driving and finer adjustments as I get used to it.


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I'm sure you already know but for those Elite owners that don't, Miles Wilkins of is the world's expert on type 14 Elites. :thumbup:


John W

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I've got to tell you, i have the original 155HR15 CA67 Pirelli Cinturato fitted and they are epic. I have gone a bit posh and fitted Borrani wheels too.


I raced it at Snetterton last weekend, mine is a standard road car, but in the corners it was epic on the Cinturato. It held it's own against much more powerful cars on racing tyres in the wet. On the straights though i was blown into the  weeds.


I think one of the things that is critical on an Elite is that because they roll so much in the corners you do need a period tyre to keep the handling progressive. A modern tyre carcass needs a much more rigid suspension set up with adverse camber, to attempt to keep the foot pit flat on t he road, where as period tyres are designed to be fitted to cars with softer suspension and no camber, so as  the car  rolls it doesn't pick up the inside edge of the tyre and loose grip suddenly, it starts to do it a little earlier but it does it in a progressive manner.

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Welcome to TLF Dougal. :welcome:

You have posted in a fairly old thread, so it might be possible that not many of those people are still around.

You should head over to the Introductions area and say hi in there as well. :)

With some photos of your car of course.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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