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Piper cam 270 or 285 for K series

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Anyone offer any advice here?

I have already gas flowed my head, fitted larger throttle bodies, a sports exhaust and cat plus a Mixigen induction. Sounds great and has improved across the range but I hanker for more power!

Was thinking next to add an Emerald plus piper cams but which to go for? 270s or 285s?

I use the car daily and plan only occasional track days so it needs to work on the road.

Anyone have experience of both to offer a comparison? How much low end is really lost on the 285s....?

Cheers all,


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Checkout Dave Andrews (DVA) K Series page if you haven't already.


Scroll down to cam choice.


I have no experience of either cam personally so not really able to comment on the suitability of either but think both are a good upgrade if you head flow is sufficient to use them and your bottom end can cope. As with all cams I think good timing is key so budget for verniers and a good rolling road session to fine tune mapping and timing.


If you went the 285 route would you convert to solid followers or go for the 285H? You may need new springs too.

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For some free and friendly advice I think the chaps at Analogue Automotive, advertisers on here,  would be happy to help and handy for you location.

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Martin, this is just my 2p's worth but having had many Elise's over the years in many different states of tunes from standard to VHPD's I'd lean towards the 270's if your going to use daily and just do a few TD's.

I've seen lots of guys over the years go too far with engine and other mods and suffer poor drivability just for the two or three days a year they are on track. Tune the car for how you'll mainly use it, if its a daily drive then mild cams will be fine......I fooled myself that a VHPD'd Sport 160 with straight cut gearbox would be fine as a daily drive for a wasn't! :P

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