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Esprit S1 Gearbox rebuild / Replacement gearbox wanted

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The gearbox on my S1 has developed an oil leak which is fairly serious and its also been jumping out of reverse (not an adjustment problem) so it looks like it needs a rebuild/refurb.


I have been haemorrhaging money on the car in the past few years so I have to consider my options carefully.


Option 1. Take the gearbox out and get it rebuilt

Option 2. Buy a second hand box and rebuild the original box when funds are better.


So, I have a few questions.

Has anyone got a recommendation for someone who can do a good gearbox refurb and what’s the going price?

Does anyone have a good S1 gearbox for sale?


I have a  45,000 mile gearbox I changed out on my 97 GT3 for the one of the later ones with the different ratios more suited to the GT3 engine (not a huge difference to be honest).

It should fit all the later Esprits but I don’t think it fits the V8’s. Is anyone interested in buying that?

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Harry Martens is the man for our gearboxes but the last time I enquired I thinkit was about £2,000 to £2,500 but I could be wrong as it was quite a while ago. I did consider it for mine but decided to see what it was like when I eventually get the opportinity to drive the damn thing! The awkward thing is getting the box to him as I think he's in Belgium or Holland or somewhere.


Do Lotus Bits tackle gearboxes as I know your car was there the last time I was there.



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