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polish on new paint

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Hi Nigel,

When I had my 88 Turbo resprayed last year I put on a coat of the Autoglym Extra Gloss protection after about a month. I have only had to renew it once (after 6 months) and, despite only giving it a wash when required the paint is as good as new and has a fantastic shiny finish.

I don't know if it is the "correct" thing to do but it certainly worked for me.


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hi,just wondering which type of polish i should use on my new respay,as the car seems to be attracting a lot of dust,could it be static on the surface? never seen anything like it

Hi, as its a new respray and doesn't have any imperfections i would suggest first giving it a coat of autoglym red polish and then go over it again with autoglym's gold high spec stuff. Chances are you only notice the dust cause the car is so shiny now. It's definetly worth the two coats of different polish even though its a bit of hard work.

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I would go straight for a coat of zymol wax... mine is fresh paint and i intend to coat it in zymol most weeks over the winter til it shines like a button in the summer when she comes out to play..yippeee


Mark MacKenzie  Elise S2 135 Sport 

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When I bought my Peugeot CC as a new car, I first put only Autoglym Extra Gloss protection to it. I think better results might been to put Autoglym Super Resin polish and after that Extra Gloss, when I waxed it at first time (that procedure I use on all my cars). When we bought Heli's new car on this summer I put Super Resin and Extra Gloss to it, results were outstanding, very smooth surface and excellent glaze. And surface stayed like that quite long time. New paints are so much better than "ancient", so you can use normal wax on them, paint isn't so "soft" like they used to be some time ago.

Zymol-stuff is also very good product :)

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Even though they are sold way over price by the industry, Superguard or Diamondbrite are a truely superb product. It has to be left on for over 3 hours minimum but it gives a guaranteed 3 year protection to the paint. If done correctly it is awesome with the car looking "just polished" for years. It also protects the paint for 3 years as if you were waxing it every week. On the downside it costs us

Possibly save your life. Check out this website.


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