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2002-2004 Esprit Prices going up?


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Hey guys,

Is it just me or have Esprit prices in the USA gone up for 2002-2004 V8TT in the past year? I was looking and it seems they are extremely high compared to a while ago, is it just the timing of the year perhaps? I used to see many in the high 30s low 40s now i see none below about 45k. just checking to see where u think the market will go on these cars in the next year (i'll probably buy one in about 12-14 months

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I believe there is no way you saw any 02-04's that were for sale in the high 30's let alone 40's. Go back another couple of years to the 97,98,99,00 and such and yes you can scrape up some deals for high 30's but mostly mid 40's for the 98 and ups. I am in the same boat as you and would like to pick one up in the next 12 to 14 months or so as well. I hope i can find a good one in that time.

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Actual 'asking' prices doesn't mean a thing... It's the price people actually PAY that matters.

There can be a huge difference between both. The one that matters is what people are paying...


You're certainly correct about that! But, I've never seen any '02-'04s available at anywhere near US$30-40k. (I sure hope they're never that cheap, too. I paid 33k for my S4s here in SoCal.) They seem to be at leat $50k and up, and in the upper 60's to mid-70's for the '04s. Check out the; that has a section in there of (fairly) recent prices actually paid for almost all years of the Marque.

Bimma, you might also check Jim Graham has a superb '02 for sale. He takes tremendous care of his cars.


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German market reflekt :;doSearch.y=9

Sport300 No 62/64 car for sale 46900 EURO ! One of only 2 midnight blue cars....

GT350, for sale at 79000 EURO.....

Oh and these guys have a few 1.5 MioEuro cars as well !!!

:) no such funds available at the moment :):lol:

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I used to work at an exotic car dealership so i have access to prices that you guys don't. We had two go through our dealership in the 30-40k range, both were 02s. so the prices that they actually get sold for and the prices most people pay are two toally different things

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No offense bimmabimma but this seems like a troll post.

I have access to the auto auctions at dealer prices, and I looked at some 02's and up. Not even the dealer was getting in the 40's for an 02.. While it may be possible to get one at 45k that is usually when someone just wants to unload it in a hurry.. it's possible but I HIGHLY doubt you will find many deals like that.. most dealers are selling 02's for 55k+, hell many 2000 cars are around 50k+ still..

One of the best deals I saw was a 01 with 10k miles going for 44,900, but he wasn't budging on that price one bit he already lowered it from 52k.. and that was the cheapest 01 I have ever seen..

most 2000's are 50k to start, sure you can get a dealer down 3-4k but I don't usually see them dropping much more than that on their asking price. You also need to remember, that many times people are selling a fairly new exotic for reasons you may not know about, like the car may have a crapload of issues, you can be like "OOO look a 2000 for 38k What a deal!" And BANG! as soon as you buy it prepare to lube your ass as you take a anal reaming with getting that car in order..

You want a DECENT 02 prepare to pay at least 55k..

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I was looking to trade my Lotus in last month. The dealership said wholesale value was around $36,000 and that is what they would give me for a trade in :D

The local Lotus dealership sold a couple 99 and 2000 for around $45K to $47K. Since it is the fall, sports cars are

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2001 V8 - Silver

2007 Ducati 1098

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of course they will lowball you when taking the car in, they make their money on trade-in's! They wont find a 2001 esprit at a auto auction at that price, so they try to squeeze it out of a potential trade in..

it's crap, when ever you trade in a vechile you always lose SO much more than if you sell it yourself..

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the market appears to smile on well-kept V8s - depreciation seems to have levelled off at around 60-70K USD? i wonder if it could actually start going back up??? maybe the new esprit will pump up demand for the old ones

if / when i go for the new beast id like to get a decent price for my sickly pampered 2001 V8SE - i paid about 70 for it in 2004 (cant remember what the CAD exchange was back then...)

hey joey, 36 is way too low - even 50 seems kinda bust if the car is in good shape / mods - at least i think so

just my 2p

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