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Series 2 (Toyota) Exige starter circuit problem

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Hi All, My names Ian and I'm new to this forum.


Sorry to barge straight in here with a technical problem but I need to get to the bottom of an issue with my starter motor before the weekend and know body seems to have any idea what's wrong.


My series 2 Exige has a problem with the starter motor where by when you hit the start button the solenoid just chatters and the whole dash display flashes. I've changed the starter and had the original tested and everything is ok. I have disconnected the "exciter" wire and ran a temporary cable up to the battery so I can start it. I've tested the start button too and all seems to work ok. I read somewhere on another forum that it may be the ECU control module but its difficult to test.


Just wondered if anybody has come across this problem before?


Many thanks in advance



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Have you had a drop test done on the battery? As it sounds like the battery voltage dropping once the load of the starter is connected.


Just seen your Lotus Lada introduction, I'm guessing if you built that to such a high standard your starter problem above is unlikely to be as simple as a battery :lol:

Have you checked the voltage at the lead to + of the coil on the solenoid (with it disconnected) whilst trying to start?

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