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Looking around the forum, it seems that the wastegate setting sghould be 0.65 bar. But having checked the Service Notes, it differs, stating 0.58 +/- 0.02 bar, which gives a range of 0.56 - 0.6 bar.


Anyone care to comment, or clear that one up for me?

Margate Exotics.

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Hi Ian,


If your service notes say 0.58 Bar then set it to this, give or take 0.02 Bar (I would set at 0.6Bar). The reference to 0.65Bar might be when owners have bought an uprated actuator. Your boost solenoid will control the rest so 0.05 difference won't really make too much of a difference and won't break your car.







David Walters

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The 0.58 +/- 0.02 bar requirement is the static setting to move the actuator arm 0.4 mm. It is done like like this because you cannot set the wastegate actuator up to reflect its "in use" condition of having exhaust pressure countering the opening of the wastegate.

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Slightly on topic...  I just fitted a new wastegate actuator to my SE (a stock one). The old one looked a bit tired. I tried to set it up as per the specs, but I couldn't get the gauges to behave. 

I preloaded the actuator rod with two turns and started from there. I applied pressure and the displacement measuring dial gauge moved smoothly in the first 0.10~0.20 mm of travel in reaction to capsule movement, but then, just as I passed 0.5 bar, the needle on the dial gauge went round the clock a few times (perhaps 2.00mm of movement). I tried a few turns of the rod in either direction, but got a similar result. It was basically impossible to measure .38mm of actuator rod movment.


Could it be a faulty wastegate actuator or something not in alignment. To make the rod fit on the wastegate arm, the rod needs to be moved off-centre slightly. The wastegate on it's own moves freely.


Is this behaviour relatively common? Also, is there any specialist equipment for clamping dial gauges to Esprits? I had to use a combination of clamps, camera tripod attachments and remove the oxygen sensor, just to get the dial gauge in the right spot.






P.S. I haven't test driven the car yet.

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I've never had much luck setting it per the manual.  remember that this was a procedure developed to set it on the production line as the car was being built, it does not mean it is the best way to do it.

now I just unplug the boost solenoid and drive the car, floor it and see what the gauge reads after a second or two and set the rod pre-tension accordingly.  I have a mechanical VDO gauge installed.

who can say the accuracy of any such gauge after long term use, though it usually corresponds with MAP logs



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