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Dashboard remove..

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Hi Guys,


I remove my dashboard on my S4s because i need some work to do,

i only remove the Leather so all the gauges and wood panels are still there,

but now i dont know how that i get it off, does somebody has more info

or done it before, how i must replace it??????


Thanks allready, (and i try also a couple of times) but i dont have space...

but it also came off like this so it must be put back, i think



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There are 4 bolts that hold the dash "binnacle" with its gauges in place.


If you lie on your back in the footwell you will see which bolts these are. I don't have a picture at hand, but there are a few threads around which show it. 


All you have to do is disconnect the speedometer cable and the electric harnesses when removing it. Also, be very careful you don't damage the leather as there are some sharp metal brackets either side of the binnacle.



Two of the bolts are pictured with red arrows in this guide! 

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It sounds like you have taken the binacle off and are trying to replace it.

If thats correct i replaced mine from passenger side to drivers side and turning it to level it up. Then flexing the sides to go over where the side retaining screws are. Its tricky but can be done. Just be careful of the window screen

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