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Excel SE 1991, 17.last ever built, Connolly, performance exhaust

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sadly it is time to say good bye to the Lady and to welcome Bettie. I hope we will find one collegue, who give her a warm home, look sensible after her and of course – recognizes the work, which is already gone in to her icon_wink.gif?w=500
She run through the german TÜV last time without any notices, valid until 08/2015.
She is the 17last Excel ever built. She has full options with perforated Connolly leather which is in good overall condition. The carpets have been made new in the nearer past and appear very good. The engine runs strong. The color suits the shape perfectly and is very rare. It is mechanically in good working order. Most maintenance part are changed, overhauled or tuned.
I have her now since 3 years and have feed her with over 10.000 € on parts:

new belts. Timing belt twice. Last time last year at Lotusbits
new tensioner bearing
new fluids – engine oil, cooling, steering, gearbox fluids are out. Gear oil was pretty new, but nevertheless also new one got in back
new filter incl fuel filter
new front brake discs
new pads all around
new windscreen fitted at Lotusbits
new otterswitch and relays, fans are working
new shift knob matching the wood on the dash with right Lotus badge
Exchange refurbished steering rack – done by Lotusbits 2 years ago
new leads, heavy duty version
new sparks
new ignition coil
new distributor cap
new distribution rotor
new stainless steel back seat belt counter parts (PITA-job)
new side repeaters (PITA-job 2)
new exhaust rubbers all around
new rim center caps
new tires twice
new front wheel bearings
new geo
new LHD-Headlamps are present with SJ-kit. RHD stock ones in the boot
new rear hand brake shoes
new clutch with release bearing
new gearbox mount
new fuel pump
new crank sprocket
new rear crank seal
new front crank seal
new spigot bearing
new complete 2bular performance exhaustline with 2,5 manifold, centerbox, rear boxes. Looks ace, sounds even better and brings a huge improvement to the power delivery. It is the 3rd exhaustline on the car in my hands but definitely worth it. It was installed by Lotusbits itself because it is an engine off job.
new door seals changed due to windscreen fitting, but this should be done nicer again
new fuel cap seal
new pressure tubes on the carbs
new main relays
new battery
water pump overhauled
left rear brake overhauled
horns overhauled
boot light overhauled
interiour light overhauled
final drive end plate overhauled
LH outer door handle refurbished, door latch overhauled
Inlet trumpets new sealed
Camshafts new shimed

Additionally the car was at Lotusbits to dry up the engine. It is much much better than before, but not yet like a dry Martini icon_wink.gif?w=500 so, this is at the moment under warranty from Lotusbits to get it proper done. So far they have changed the crankshaft seals front and back etc.

The bad sides:
The car must have a complete respray. The clear coat is peeling all over the car. At this occasion the part where the PO must have touched something on the drivers side could be done with it. It is said on different places, that it should be possible to get the clear coat alone sorted, but if you ask me, the car deserves the best finish.
Fuel gauge doesn’t work, but the fuel light. The fuel light popps on with more than 60 mls before running out of fuel (never tested it exactly). In combination with the odometer it is not a no 1 topic to drive it daily.
1 stitching of the back seats must be sorted
The dampers are worn. I have a complete set with adjustable coilovers optional
perhaps new bushes. I have some already collected. Could be optional be bought
two gauge lights have to be changed
the aircon needs a regas
purge pump is seized, but car will start every time
the rear wheel bearings need attention. Parts are optional available
the door and boot seals should be done properly. I have changed the door seals to stop water ingress. It works, but doesn´t look factory alike.

At one point of the many labour hours I paid, the siren of the immobilizer went off the inner wheel arch and 2 little holes were the result. Nothing mayor, but mentioned just in case.
new adjustable coilovers 800gbp
oil temp gauge installed. I will uninstall it and reinstall the stock clock (which is hard to adjust on the hours) 50gbp
some bushes, have to sum them up
rear wheel bearings 50gbp

Price: 4999,- GBP

It is possible to bring the car to the dutch border (Nymwegen or Amsterdam for the ferries) and to collect it from there. BUT, only when the car is bought before. I am on several occasions in the UK. Maybe a collection could be arranged.s
Sadly it is not economically to change the exhaust line back and at the end of the day, it doesn’t fit under the Eclat icon_sad.gif?w=500 I will miss her very much, many parts will be remembered from the bottom of my heart. But the exhaust… this will be remembered for ever and missed the most.


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